5 Productivity Hacks to Try This 2017

Do more in less time.

(SPOT.ph) Find yourself procrastinating often? If so, then you’ve probably also found yourself playing catch-up with your task list a lot. That’s a bad working habit that you need to break ASAP! Especially if your work demands self-motivation and initiative like growing your own business.

This year, turn a new leaf: make 2017 the year you actually get things done by trying out these productivity hacks:

Schedule your To-Do list.
Instead of just making a checklist of the stuff you need to get done that day, go the extra mile and actually set self-imposed deadlines and time limits for every task on your list. Keep organized with apps like Evernote which will help you keep track of everything, from your task list, to your clients’ contact details, to your inventory, and to all your various notes and memos.

Follow the two-minute rule.
Whenever you come across a task that would take you two minutes or less to accomplish, do it immediately. Sending a short Viber message to your client or making a quick call to your supplier won’t really hurt your momentum, after all. But little things like those piling up? A definite hurdle for sure.

Work in bursts.
While you may think working non-stop is the best way to get things done, you’re actually just tiring yourself out and possibly compromising the quality of your work—which is a big no-no when you’re just getting your business off the ground. Instead, do short, but intense periods of work, followed by quick breaks to relax and rejuvenate your mind.

Set aside your distractions for later.
You’d be surprised how helpful actively scheduling your distractions actually is. We all know how ridiculously easy it is to get waylaid by an interesting article or funny cat video, but instead of immediately backspacing in the hope that you won’t get distracted, save it or bookmark it to be enjoyed on your next break. This promise of a reward will surely help you get through all the nitty-gritty involved in running a business.

Use technology to make tasks simpler.
Don’t hesitate to use the different resources available to you, even if they’re not how you usually do things. Take advantage of all the devices, programs, and apps out there designed to help you be more productive and make your work easier. For example, subscribe to mobile data plans that can rollover to the next month - so you can carry over any unused data to your next month's allocation. You won't waste any data, and have less chances for hiccups when running all your business apps and solutions.

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