5 Ways You're Doing Your Groceries Wrong

Anyone who goes to the grocery store needs to read this

(SPOT.ph) How often do you go grocery shopping? If you do it on the regular, you probably have the whole routine down pat. But are your supermarket habits actually any good? Despite how many grocery runs you’ve got under your belt, you might be surprised to find out that you may have been doing it wrong the entire time. Here are a few common mistakes that you might be guilty of, and how to avoid them in the future:

Shopping on an empty stomach
You’ve probably heard this before, but it bears repeating: don’t shop while you’re hungry, or else you’ll end up buying (and eventually consuming) more food than you need. Also, your ability to make healthy food choices is diminished when you're hungry, more so when you pass through aisles and aisles of tempting junk food. 

Relying on looks alone
Often enough, the best choices are not the prettiest of the bunch, so don’t be fooled by lavish and fancy decorations on products. When you’re picking out fruits and veggies, use your hands and judge them more closely and more accurately by touch. 

Starting with the center aisles
It’s better to first load up on the perishables lining the perimeter such as dairy, fruits, fresh meats, and vegetables. That way, you won’t have much space left in your cart should you be tempted by the junkfood and chocolate set up in the middle aisles. That's what we call prioritizing! 

Being a slave to your recipe/shopping list
Having a plan coming in is a good idea, but don’t let it give you tunnel vision — you'll just get stressed when you can’t find the exact items and brands you’re looking for. Be open to substitutes and alternatives—you might end up doing your wallet a big favor!

Shopping small
You actually spend more time and money when you buy only a few items at a time because you have to keep coming back to the store to get everything you need. The best approach is stocking up on items that last, which you can buy in bulk or in value packs. Membership shopping clubs like S&R can usually get you the best deals at the lowest possible prices, so if you like grocery shopping, you should think about becoming a member.

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