This may just be the dorkiest phone case EVER

Because it’s 2015 and according to Back to the Future, we should have lots of cool things by now


( Not only will Marty McFly’s self-lacing shoes be released this year (the "future" in the movie is the year 2015, after all), another Back to the Future-inspired "gadget" just made its debut. Japanese toy company Bandai has an iPhone 6 case to add to their Crazy Case lineup, and it’s inspired by Marty McFly and Doc’s The DeLorean-the automobile-time machine from the movie trilogy. Check it out:






Though it really makes your phone look like a miniature flying sports car more than something to make calls with, Bandai didn’t sacrifice functionality over looks-they designed it with flip-out panels that allow you to take photos, access the power button, and the volume controls. The coolest thing about it? It lights up with a blue, futuristic glow once it’s powered on, and the headlights actually light up when you’re receiving a call!


If you want it (and can read Japanese), it can be ordered online for ¥5,940 (around P2,200), though delivery is going to be in June.


If only it could actually let you time travel.

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