10 Cool Must-Haves for a Fun Party

Be that host everyone will remember with these exciting finds.


(SPOT.ph) Admit it-not all parties are great. Sure, the alcohol helps make things 10 times more interesting, but sometimes you need a little extra help. If you want to host an event that your guests will never forget, you need to bring in the big guns-in the form of cool party accessories and gadgets that are sure to make your party one for the books.


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Light Up Multicolor LED Shot Glass Set (P643)

Down your shots in multicolor! Nothing like shot glasses that light up to add life to the party. Each one is made of clear acrylic strong plastic, and has an on and off switch at the bottom, so you can light them whenever there’s a need to set the mood meter up a notch.


Available at Galleon.ph




Spin the Shot (P350)

Play a classic game of spin the bottle with an alcoholic twist! Because there’s nothing like a bit of liquid courage to get things going.

Available at Wellworth


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Helium LED balloons (P85/each)

Who says adults don’t enjoy balloons? Light up any party venue (or a house party, perhaps?) with these LED helium balloons, and watch your guests marvel at all the pretty colors. You’re bound to have a fun night that’s worth remembering.

Available at LED Balloons




Tic-Tac-Toe shots (P1,150)

Play like a normal tic-tac-toe game, except the loser has to down all the shots on the board, and if it’s a draw, each player has to drink their own shots. Now you can host a tic-tac-toe party that’s actually going to be fun!


Available at Bar Kitchen Depot



Drinking Dice (P100/pair)

Tossing dice can be pretty exciting when alcohol’s involved. Drink two cups + drink half a cup-then let the pair decide your fate.

Available at Topzint


Shot Roulette (P1,100)

Fill up the shot glasses with different kinds of drinks for added excitement, and play like a normal roulette game.


Available at BK Sari Sari Store


HouseParty Go (P4,450)

A party without music is like a body without a soul-the superior sound of these speakers can make any party happen anywhere, anytime!

Available at Digital Walker



Ice Shot Glasses (P245)

Perfect for a warm summer evening, these ice shot glasses will be the coolest shots your guests will ever have. The funky neon colors are also a plus.


Available at TCAT



Cards Against Humanity (P1,500)

This simple, and (most of the time) politically incorrect card game will have you in stitches-it’s described as a "party game for horrible people" and yes, you just might feel you’ll go to hell for all the LOLs.


Available at Ludo Boardgame Bar & Cafe




Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game Set (P1,855)

It’s a great ice-breaker for an evening get-together. The more times you miss, the more you’ll have to drink! Making the putt means a shot for each of your guests-either way, you’re all going to be buzzed.


Available at Galleon.ph


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