10 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Get the most out of your makeup purchases.


(SPOT.ph) Makeup can do wonders for your face, but it’s not always easy to do, especially when it eats up your budget. Admit it: Your relationship with makeup isn’t always the love-love kind, not when your mascara is becoming clumpy, or your lipstick breaks in half. We’re sharing with you 10 hacks that will help you get the most out of your makeup purchases. Because a little bit of resourcefulness and creativity can really go a long way.


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Extend the life of your favorite (but pricey) mascara

Has your favorite mascara gone past the three-month mark? Reuse the brush with cheaper mascara! It’s all about the wand, ladies. Just find an inexpensive formula-do you want it waterproof, smudgeproof, or the one that uses tube technology? For girls who want to save a few bucks on makeup but want to consistently have amazing lashes, this trick is for you.



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Get thicker-looking tresses in a snap

Brush a bit of eyeshadow powder on your scalp (where you part your hair) for thicker-looking tresses. It’s the solution for girls with very fine hair! Also, eyeshadow can be used to temporarily dye your locks.



Create the illusion of wider eyes


Swipe mascara towards your nose for wider-looking peepers. Try this instead of wiggling the wand upwards. It will also make your lashes appear fuller and thicker.



Fix a cracked powder compact

Dropping powder compacts is heartbreaking, but don’t worry because there’s a solution! Just add a few drops of alcohol, smudge the soft parts around, leave it to dry overnight and voila-no more cracked powder compacts, ever!




A perfect cat-eye? It’s a cinch!

Draw an outline first, then fill in gradually to create that cat-eye. Instead of lining your eyelid over and over again, use your eyeliner to draw within the lines and just fill it in afterwards. This way, you can control the thickness of your eyeliner and not end up looking like a raccoon!



Mattify your favorite shade of lipstick

Placing a tissue over your lips and dusting translucent powder over the tissue will allow just a few particles to get to your lips. Doing so sets your lipstick and gives a matte finish without dulling the color, making it last longer, too!




Get thicker, longer lashes

Do your usual routine when swiping on mascara, except this time, saturate your lashes with baby powder after the first two coats (your lashes should appear completely white). Grab your mascara wand, apply another layer, and watch the magic happen.



Make mascara instantly less clumpy or flaky

Get the most out of your mascara by adding two to three drops of contact lens solution into the tube, then shaking it. The solution softens the dry mascara and won’t harm your eyes. If the mascara needs more help, fill a mug with water, drop your tube in, and place inside a microwave for three minutes. It should go on smoothly on your lashes.



Concealer pencils from The Body Shop (P750/each)

Make lipstick last for hours

Hate having to constantly reapply lipstick? Apply concealer (any kind) on lips before swiping on lipstick. This trick is the solution to keeping your pout on point all night long (yes, even after having dinner and drinks).



Keep your brows in tip-top shape

If you’ve been blessed with a thick set of eyebrows (congratulations), you know that there are times they just don’t seem to stay put. Use hairspray and a toothbrush (because it has bristles wider than a brow brush) to keep them looking tidy without having to rely on pricey brow products.



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