7 Things Dads Do But Are Too Embarrassed to Admit

Dads will always be dads.

(SPOT.ph) Dads—they can be a bit too strict, protective, corny, and awkward. One thing’s for sure, they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure we’re doing fine. But sometimes, they may go a little overboard for all the funny and embarrassing reasons. Is your dad guilty of doing any of these?


Catching up with current fashion trend.

For some dads, wearing souvenir shirt, cargo shorts, leather sandals and white socks isn’t fashionable—so they try to revamp their wardrobe. They won’t really admit it, but they just want to look younger and more hip. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so really. So, why not help your dad get his next shirt and pants?


Trying to be comedians with tatay jokes.

“Ano ang sinabi ng isdang malapit na mamatay? I’m daing! When they give us unsolicited daddy joke, we can’t help but laugh because sometimes it’s so corny that it’s actually funny. They may not be the best comedians but their effort to make us laugh is more than enough.



Being extra protective.

We’re not little babies anymore but our dads can be a bit too protective. They won’t admit it, but we know that they get paranoid when we get home or reply to their text messages late. No one can blame them; they just want us to be safe all the time.


Spending a bit too much on hobbies.

When a Pinoy dad gets hooked on a hobby, he’s willing to spend money on it—but of course, he’ll not fully disclose the amount he spent to mom. Whether it’s collecting toys, upgrading the car, building a PC, or collecting power tools, he’ll be persistent in finding extra budget for it.


Passing the torch to mom.

When they really can’t decide, their easiest way out is: “Kay mommy mo itanong.” And when you approach mom, she’ll tell you to get back to pops. It’s almost an endless cycle, actually. But most of the time, dad has the final say.



Stalking our social media accounts.

When they’re killing time on social media, they don’t miss to check our social media profiles—and sometimes, even our friends’ and significant others’ accounts. Helicopter parenting? Not really. They just want to make sure we’re not up to no good.


Missing the good old days.

Dads can be nostalgic as heck. They miss the days when we’re still little kids; they miss those times when he’s our main man. Actually, we can’t blame them when they get melodramatic about the old times because we’re so busy that we sometimes forget that they're there—supporting us in every step of the way.


Revive the old times and give your old man some quality time. Let him know that you appreciate all the efforts he has done through the years. Perhaps an ice cream session to break the ice? The Selecta video below sums up all the good things Pinoy dads do to make us feel safe, confident, and happy.



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