7 Secrets You Need to Know When Booking a Flight

Get the smoothest ride with these tips for flyers

(SPOT.ph) Every new year comes with an opportunity for new adventures. For many, that means flying off to distant lands and having unforgettable experiences. If you’re traveling feet are feeling a little itchy, remember these hacks for booking a stress-free flight. 

Book in advance
Ticket prices are also higher the closer you get to your departure date, which explains why your jet-setting friends always seem to book their flights months in advance. You can save yourself a decent amount of money if you follow their lead. Also: check out which airlines have sales during weekends, as flights booked on these days can save you some serious cheddar. 

Go full-service
Or, you can use the cash to with a full-service airline for your flight. Full-service carriers usually come with meals and baggage allowance, which means you don’t have to worry about being hungry or about excess baggage fees. Going full-service might even end up saving more money in the long run.

Get your tickets directly from the airline
Many websites that help you search for “BEST DEALS” or “CHEAPEST FARES” actually inflate the rates, and then advertise a “discount” to make you feel like you’re getting a great deal. While some of these sites can point you in the direction of special promo fares, this is information that you can get directly from the airline’s website, anyway. In most cases, it really is cheaper to book flights through the airline itself.

Online prepaid baggage is cheaper
Baggage costs are always cheaper online than at the airport, so book for prepaid baggage whenever you can. And remember: baggage allowance already comes free when you fly full-service. That's just one of the many awesome perks you get. One less thing to worry about! 

Always do online check-in
While some people might find taking a few extra minutes to do online check-in bothersome, waiting in line for half an hour at the airport check-in counter is an even bigger hassle. This way, you won’t necessarily have to arrive at the airport 4 hours in advance.

Manage your booking online
One of the biggest boons to frequent flyers today is the ability to manage a booking online. Back in the day, you had to rely on phone calls, text messages, and delayed emails to get updates on your booking. If you book a flight at the carrier’s website, however, you can get these updates on their site, in real time. It’s a lot less taxing, so you can do more relaxing.

The great thing about these hacks is that they don't cost a centavo, and can be done easily and at your own convenience, any time of the day. All you have to do is login to Philippine Airlines’ new and improved website and follow the easy instructions to book your next adventure. Make sure you keep the above tips in mind for a worry-free experience.

Visit PAL's new and improved website at https://www.philippineairlines.com/en/ph/home

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Philippine Airlines.
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