Be #GtoChill with These Spotify Playlists Fit for Every Summer Mood

From rowdy road trips to some chill ‘alone time,' have an uninterrupted summer jam when you #PayWithGCash for your Spotify Premium

Whether you’re down for some much-awaited trip to the best diving spot with your friends, or staying in for some sunset therapy on the porch, no summer is complete without great tunes. Sure, you already have your summer outfit, jam packed itinerary, or stack of books to finish over the summer but have you got your tunes ready?

Whatever your jam is, and wherever you choose to spend your summer, be #GToChill and make the most out of your music experience when you get your Spotify Premium, which you can now pay using GCash!

When going on a long road trip, you can download your playlist and listen anywhere – even while on the road and with spotty mobile data. Prefer winding down at home? Get ad-free music listening, play any song on your phone and get unlimited skips. And with GCash as a safe and hassle-free way of paying for your Spotify Premium, you don’t have to use a debit or credit card for an uninterrupted music experience.

Ready to pump up the volume? Check out these Spotify playlists fit for different kinds of summer mood:

For the rowdy long drive to the beach

Get everyone hyped up for that long-awaited beach trip with boyband and girlband classics and iconic rockstars. Sing along with surefire crowd-pleasers and get the energy pumped up before even hitting the beach.

Sing your heart out with a 90s-to-present sing along playlist, featuring bops and hugot-worthy songs alike.

For a nostalgic summer afternoon on the porch

Missing your summer squad? Look back with fondness and share that throwback photo! Reminiscing summer memories hits differently when you have a playlist of the many songs you jived to.

From Hanson’s MMMBop to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, throwback to your fond sunny memories with a summer throwback playlist.

For lounging (and some ‘gramming) by the poolside

Getting some tan lines or snapping away for the perfect OOTD? Hype up your poolside lounging with some fun summer party music, so you’re sure to keep up the energy ‘til it’s time to go club hopping,

Get your fill of contemporary summer hits with this pop playlist featuring Lorde, Shawn Mendez, Adele, OneRepublic and more.

For summer Sunday brunches

When the sun’s out, it’s always a good idea to have an outdoor Sunday brunch with the family or with friends. Catch up over home cooked potluck dishes and share hearty laughter over mimosas, with some cozy jazz music playing in the background.

Have some sunny jazz for sunny summer days with this Summer Jazz playlist.

For a recharge-and-relax kind of summer night

Summer isn’t exclusively for partying in beach clubs or hosting barbecue nights! If you’d rather bask in the carefree spirit of the season, nothing beats doing some self-care routine, curling up with a book and sipping a cup of tea, with relaxing music to help you doze off.

Relax and indulge with this Peaceful Summer Nights playlist featuring calming piano pieces.

Whatever the season and destination, be #GToChill with new songs, trending artists and curated playlists without the need for a credit card. Don’t miss out on the latest in the music scene when you #PayWithGCash for your Spotify Premium plan.

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