7 Things You Will Hear from Girls who Don't Like Spending Too Much on Makeup

Discounts are a makeup addict’s best friend.


(SPOT.ph) Beauty girls will agree: There’s no such thing as having too many lippies. But when you realize that the price of one tube is equal to working two full days in the office, it kind of ruins the joys of makeup shopping.


Here are some of the things you may be guilty of doing and thinking when shopping for makeup.


“Are there travel-sized versions of these?”

Travel-sized doesn’t only mean handy, fun-sized products—it also means lower prices.


“Why do I need 10 beauty products to achieve a no-makeup makeup look?”

The truth is, the no-makeup makeup look requires a lot of effort—and makeup products—to pull off.


The only time math is actually relevant: When you see a sign that says ‘75% off’

It’s amazing how makeup junkies become math geniuses when they see those signs on their fave beauty products.


“I wonder if I can ask for more free samples…”

We won’t be surprised if you’ve befriended a couple of sales representatives so you can score free samples every time you visit the store.


“Do I *really* need to eat three meals a day?”

You say this to yourself as you contemplate buying that expensive highlighter you’ve been eyeing for months.


“Why must looking pretty be so expensive?”

Well, it shouldn’t have to be, especially when all it take is one swipe of a bold lip color to level up your beauty look.


Five words, 20 letters. Say it and I’m yours: Buy one, take one lippies.

You don’t need any more convincing. Two lipsticks for the price of one? SCORE!


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Revlon.