These Mascara Hacks Will Instantly Give You That Glamorous Look

You’ll be fluttering those lashes in no time.


( Real life may not be a fairy tale, but that doesn't mean magical moments don't happen from time to time. It only takes a wave of a wand to instantly upgrade your look—a mascara wand, that is! Read these hacks to help you master the art of getting glammed up lashes using mascara.

Wiggle horizontally, swipe vertically
How you apply your mascara—particularly how you wield the wand—makes a difference. Go horizontal for volume, and vertical for a more natural look.

Pull the lid up
To reach the base of your lashes, carefully pull up your eyelid with the edge of a business card. This will prevent you from making a mess.

Apply while curling
Make your curl last longer by applying mascara while holding your lashes in an eyelash curler.

Double as a liquid liner
Your mascara can take care of your other eye makeup needs, too. Just wipe your liner brush across the mascara wand to use some of the product as liquid eyeliner.

Apply powder between coats
You can add volume by brushing powder on your lashes in between coats of mascara.

Apply over and under
Another way to add volume is by applying mascara on both sides of your lashes: over and under.

Hold a spoon below your lashes
To avoid trailing mascara below your eye, hold a spoon below the lower lashes and let the mascara dry before taking it away.

Use a lip brush
If you’re still learning to do mascara on your lower lashes, you can make use of a lip brush. Pick up product from the mascara wand with the brush, then paint over your lower lashes with ease.

Clean up smudges with cotton swabs
Mistakes happen, but don’t dwell on them: cotton swabs and foundation are your best friends when patching up your look.

Twirl, don’t pump
Keep your mascara fresh by twirling the wand inside the tube instead of pumping it in and out. This way, you get to avoid clumps and minimize bacteria.

For best results, use primo products to help you achieve long, thick lashes, such as Careline Go Long! Mascara (for extra length) or Go Big! Mascara (for added volume).


Their unique helix-shaped wands give you just the right amount of mascara every time you use them. Both are made with waterproof formula, too, so they stay on all day and are less likely to smudge. With Careline Go Long! Mascara and Go Big! Mascara, you’ll be flaunting glamorous lashes in no time.

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