These P399 Lippie Sets Are for Girls Who Don't Have Time to Reapply Lipstick

They’re perfect for busy ladies.

( No girl is a fan of lipstick that smears off quickly. Who really has the time to re-apply lipstick constantly throughout the day? There’s so much that goes on that the last thing you’d want to stress over is touching up makeup that has commitment issues.


Finding lip color that won’t budge even after three cups of coffee or biting into a sandwich is difficult, but it does not have to be a serious struggle. The best long-wear lipsticks can endure whatever you have planned for the day, be it a long lunch meeting or an afternoon spent in the boardroom (sneaking a snack in every chance you get). The ones that work hard will even take you beyond office hours and into happy hour with your favorite girls.





Ever Bilena has luscious, full-coverage, long-wear liquid lipsticks that come in affordably priced sets (only P399 for a collection of three). Each Beauty Set features transfer-proof, waterproof, smudge-proof—and, we dare say, kiss-proof—lip color that stays on for hours.



High Heels features a series of nudes you can wear every day, while City Romance includes bolder shades for when you want your lips to do the talking. The innovative, highly pigmented formula goes on like liquid velvet and sits comfortably on your lips, drying to a weightless matte finish for smudge-proof wearability. Once it’s set, it’s not going anywhere—not on your coffee cup and definitely not on your teeth. Even if you buckle under pressure during the day, rest assured your lipstick won’t.



So pucker up, girls, and get these Beauty Sets into your makeup bags—or give them as gifts. To know more, follow Ever Bilena on Facebook.

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