This Makeup Line Is Essentially an IG Filter for Your Face

No photo filter needed after using these products.


( As much as you want to look put-together all the time, the daily grind can leave you feeling exhausted and burned out. This is why you look to online photo filter apps—when you need a little boost of confidence, these beauty filters can add more oomph to your selfie game.

Improving your appearance also greatly affects your mood, so why not sustain good vibes throughout the day? Revlon’s latest PhotoReady makeup collection serves that beauty filter realness wherever you go regardless of which camera you’re facing.


Revlon PhotoReady Primer

Before getting your real-life filter on, you need to prep your face. Pump a small amount of the PhotoReady Primer and apply so that your makeup can hold on as long you do during the work week. It comes in three variants: Pore Reducing Primer (reduces enlarged pores), Brightening Primer (illuminates sallow skin), and Perfecting Primer (evens out skin tone).



Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Filter Foundation

You can have that flawless beauty app complexion by applying the PhotoReady Insta-Filter Foundation. Use the sponge-tip applicator to blend out the product and create the perfect base. The foundation provides medium coverage that feels light enough for daily use.


Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Filter foundation will be available in stores starting August.


Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

Prevent an unflattering photo from seeing the light of day and have all your bases covered—and by that, we mean blemishes and other skin problems. Use the angled applicator to pinpoint the troubled spots. Make sure your hands are clean before you blend out the product using your fingertips.


Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick

A poreless matte complexion without any strobing action can look flat in photos. Add more dimension to your face by swiping a creamy highlighter on the center of your forehead, cheekbones, and chin. Try a handy twist-up stick like the Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick, which has a buildable shimmer so you can amp up the glow after work. It comes in two shades: Pink Light for light to medium and Gold Light for medium to deep skin tones.




Revlon PhotoReady Color Correcting Pens

Avoid looking like you’ve just pulled an all-nighter and even out your complexion with a color-correcting concealer. These handy pens come in three shades: Peach (for dark spots), Green (for blemishes), and Lavender (for dull skin).


Revlon PhotoReady Powder

Keep oily skin at bay by dusting a layer of loose powder. And if you want to take your face game up a notch, Revlon’s version contains photochromatic pigments that reflect light away from skin imperfections.



Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Shadow + Sparkle

This mini palette contains three pigmented shadows that give you a pop of color so you don’t look washed out in front of the camera.


The eyeshadow palette is specially curated with complimentary shades so you don’t have to rummage in your makeup bag. It also includes a primer and shimmery topper.


Revlon PhotoReady Prep, Set, Refresh Mist

Don’t let your effort go to waste and melt under the sun. Spritz setting spray to lock in your look. The Revlon PhotoReady Prep, Set, Refresh Mist does not only keep your makeup in place, but also blurs flaws and keeps your skin soft.


#LiveBoldly and make everyday a selfie kinda day. Revlon is holding a special promotion that allows you to pair PhotoReady products together for special discounts. The promotion runs until July  31  at all Revlon counters nationwide.


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