What You Need to Know Before You Dye Your Hair

Coloring your locks for the first time?


(SPOT.ph) A new hair color can change your look in an instant—even going a shade or two lighter or darker is enough to make a statement. However, the process of changing hair colors is far from foolproof. If you’re considering dyeing your hair, make sure you know that:


It’s a commitment.

You will have to get regular touchups if you want to maintain full color and coverage. The lighter the shade, the more often you’ll have to do it.


It won’t come out as the exact shade on the box.

To get a better idea of what the end result will look like, look for reviews or photos online.


Red is a high-maintenance color.

A good red can be hard to achieve (it can turn into an orangey mess), maintain (it’s more prone to fading), and remove (especially if you plan to go for a color with cool tones afterward).


Warm tones go well with Pinay skin tones.

Look for shades with the words “golden,” “bronze,” and “copper” in their names.


Hair color clings better to “dirty” hair.

Second-day hair is ideal for a hair coloring session, so skip the shampoo the night before for best results.


You might have to rethink swimming or going to the beach.

Chlorine and salt water can cause hair color to fade prematurely.


You can wash your hair the day after you color it...

It’s different from when you get your hair rebonded or permed, where you have to wait a few days before washing in fear of deactivating the solution.


...but you will need to use color-safe hair products.

Look for a shampoo and a conditioner that are formulated specifically for color-treated hair. They're pricier, but you’ll be saving yourself from having to touch up your hair more often.


Now that you know these things, consider whether you want the job done by a professional or by yourself at home. If you think you’re ready for the latter, you can enjoy a hassle-free DIY coloring experience by using Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color. It's easy to work with, whether you're a pro or a rookie.


Play up the new and vibrant color of your hair even further by putting on a complementing lippie, such as one of the various shades of the Revlon Ultra HD Metallic Matte Lipcolor line.

If pretty peepers are more your thing, dab on Revlon 
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