You Know Your Lippie Is a Keeper If It Lasts Through These Foodie Challenges

Food tastes better without lipstick stains, doesn't it?

( We’re always on the lookout for spots that can satiate our cravings and fill our tummies. No new burger or pizza place goes unnoticed, and once we’ve had our way with the main course, we look for dessert.

We may not want to admit it, but as we devour one dish after the other, we tend to be oblivious to everything else—“galit-galit muna,” as they say. Whether it’s on a night out with friends or on a date, pleasure from food is a top priority, even for the ladies. Up until they realize there are lipstick marks everywhere, that is: on their drinking glasses, the cutlery, and on the actual food.

It’s always a challenge: finding a lippie that looks good on you and stays on your lips. But it can happen—you can munch your way throughout the day without having to reapply lipstick. Watch this video and see for yourself:

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