New Feel-good Netflix Shows You Shouldn't Miss Out On

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Life can get really stressful at times and it can be hard to find time to just sit back and relax. While there are a lot of ways to deal with stress, slowing down and watching some good shows might be the rest that you need. So why not take a seat, grab some drinks, and enjoy some of the newest shows and movies that Netflix has to offer?

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Plus, with Netflix’s ever-growing library of shows from every genre, you won’t run out of movies and series. Are you in love with K-dramas? Maybe you’re a fan of animated shows? Do you have a soft spot for stories about family? Netflix’s selection is big enough that there should be something for you to enjoy. With all these shows, you should be able to find something that helps you unwind.

If you are #GToChill with GCash, here are some of Netflix’s newest and upcoming releases:

  • For escaping into another world: Stranger Things

The gang is back in Hawkins and things are getting flipped upside down. The much-awaited Season 4 of Stranger Things will surely get you into a supernatural mood. Stranger Things is coming back with a new season on May 27 and there is no better time for you to catch up on the story before the new season starts. Set in a fictional town in the 1980’s, Stranger Things follows the supernatural events that occur around the town of Hawkins and the main character, Eleven. Since this will be the second to the last season, every episode is sure to be exciting!

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  • For an incredibly wholesome time: Old Enough

Do you remember when you finally were old enough to start doing things without your parents' help? Maybe watching toddlers run errands for the first time might spark some nostalgia of your childhood. Old Enough has been on Japanese TV for more than 30 years, but is now available for streaming on Netflix. The show follows adorable Japanese toddlers going out and doing chores without their parents for the very first time!

Watch Old Enough on Netflix.

  • For the K-Drama kilig: Our Blues

Are you a superfan for K-Drama actors? Then take a trip to Jeju Island and see what collection of romances and life stories Our Blues is going to share. Our Blues revolves around the sweet and bitter life of people standing at the end, peak, or beginning of life. The wonderful ensemble and beautiful location of Jeju island are also sure to evoke compelling stories and share messages of hope and healing.

Check out Our Blues on Netflix

  • For exciting family bonding: Spy X Family

Have you ever wondered what your parents do for their work or for their hobbies? They may say they have regular jobs or do normal hobbies, but have you ever seen them actually do them? For all you know, your parents might have been on spy missions and you helped maintain their cover as a normal family! Well, that may be a little exaggeration but you can’t rule it out until they show you proof. Spy X Family takes this idea and runs with it being a Japanese animated series about a spy going undercover by creating a family. It sounds crazy but you can never be too sure if someone you know is hiding a secret identity.

See what happens in Spy X Family on Netflix

  • For life lessons and a good laugh: Senior Year

Take a trip back to high school in Netflix’s newest comedy Senior Year. This feel-good movie follows a girl, played by the always hilarious Rebel Wilson, who went back to high school after waking up from a 20-year coma! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to go back to high school as a fully grown adult, this movie would be a great place to start. Whether you were the popular cheerleader, the class president, or the all-around smartypants, Senior Year would definitely give you a nostalgia trip to your days in high school.

Have a laugh while watching Senior Year on Netflix

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