12 Overly Specific Celebrations We Never Knew Existed

For June, it’s..

(SPOT.ph) Pimple Awareness Month.
You read that right; the entire month of June is dedicated to pimples. It's a legit thingin the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even lists it as one of monthly health observances. This month is about spreading the word on the seriousness of acne, what causes it, and how to fight it.


Acne is actually a skin disorder—and though dirt, oil, and bacteria buildup are the main causes for it, a number of factors affect how often it acts up and how severe your breakouts get. That’s why learning to manage your triggers is just as important as deeply cleansing your skin every night. Watch this moving PSA to see what we mean.



There really is no shortage of obscure holidays to celebrate, so we’ve picked out a few of the more interesting ones for each month of the year. Some of these may be oddly overly specific, while others are just downright funny, but you might enjoy celebrating them nonetheless.



January 17: Ditch Your Resolution Day

Just when you're struggling to keep up with your New Year's resolutions, Ditch Your Resolution Day comes. So, if you can't commit, might as well ditch them on this day.



February 28: Public Sleeping Day

Since you already sleep in public at times during your looong morning commutes, up the ante on this day by actually whipping out a pillow to rest your head on while in the UV Express or bus!



March 15: Everything You Think is Wrong Day

It's okay to be wrong sometimes, and this special day proves it.



April 7: National Beer Day

Chill at home with the game on and a brewski in hand, or go for a night out with your buds for the best post-work refresher!



May 16: Dance Like a Chicken Day

Because the chicken dance never gets old.



July 13: National French Fry Day

Just another excuse to binge on those wonderful, golden brown strips of spuds.



August 27: Just Because Day

Must there always be a special reason just so we can celebrate???





September 3: World Beard Day

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can grow a majestic chin curtain, then this is your time to shine!



October 29: Internet Day

This is truly a day to rejoice and be thankful for one of the most important inventions in history. Celebrate it by spending the day surfing the web.



First Thursday of November: Men Make Dinner Day

Flex those culinary muscles, prove that you are a man, and make your S.O. swoon for you even more with your specialty dish.



December 30: Bacon Day!



Since June is #PimpleAwarenessMonth, do yourself a favor and go see your dermatologist today. A certified professional has some invaluable tips to help you take care of your face, because after all, a nice, clear skin is also part of your overall health.


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