10 Things Pinoys Say When They're Invited to a Get-Together

We all have that one friend who’s always game.

(SPOT.ph) You don’t always ask your friends to hang out, but when you do, the replies you get are as varied as their personalities. Raise your hand if you’ve heard the following before:

When it’s been months or years since your gang gathered in one place, someone's bound to say this.


OMG, reunion na 'to!

This applies to your clingy friends. You can’t actually fault them because they genuinely miss you.


Super miss ko na kayo!

This person never comes on time, but he always finds a way to make it before the party ends.


Pwede ko bang isama si ________

Shout out to the guy who has a plus one in every gathering.


Saan ba kasi 'yan?

Because some people have very little to no sense of direction.



We all have a friend who never replies on the chat thread—but we know will come through.


Hanggang 9 p.m. lang ako, ha?

Even in college, 9 p.m. is this person's self-imposed curfew time.


Pupunta rin ba si crush?
Say yes and he’ll be there no matter what.


Anong handa?

From the diehard foodies, most likely. Food is their motivation.


Sige. Magdadala ako ng snacks.

This guy never fails to bring some munchies that everyone loves. Jack n' Jill Pic-A, anyone?


It doesn’t matter what kind of response you get, as long as they all make it to your next lakad. All you need to reel them in is a steady spot, lots of kwento, and some snacks to share. And what better way to enjoy this overdue get-together than by sharing a bag of Jack ‘n Jill Pic-A?


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