James Yap’s mom to Kris: "Don’t blame everything on James--nobody’s perfect, only God is"

Reacting to the marital woes of her son cager James Yap and host-actress Kris Aquino, Annie Yap told Showbiz Central, "Parang lahat ng kasalanan ay ibinubunton niya [Kris] sa anak ko. Sana ’wag naman kasi hindi naman tayo perfect. Ang diyos lang ang perfect. Kung may kasalanan ang anak ko, natural lang siguro sa mag-asawa na mag-away ’di ba, pero ’wag naman niya lahat ibunton sa anak ko." She tearfully added, "Naawa ako sa anak ko kasi mabait ang anak ko. Sa totoo lang."

("Kris is putting all the blame on James, which is unfair because nobody is perfect. Only God is perfect. If James committed a mistake, then it’s only natural for the couple to have a disagreement. But please don’t put all the blame on him... I pity my son because he’s really a good person.")

Annie said she was against James’ relationship with Kris when James first told her about it. "Siyempre Kris Aquino, no! Ayoko... Sa totoo lang tutol talaga ako. Alam mo naman si Kris, iba kami. Mahirap lang kami, sila mayaman. (Kris Aquino? Of course, no! I was really against their relationship. We’re different from Kris; we’re poor and they’re wealthy.)"

When Annie met Kris after Kris had wed James (which James only told Annie about after the ceremony), Annie said their first meeting was "okay lang [just okay]," but she did not respond when asked if Kris was nice to her. When Showbiz Central co-host Pia Guanio asked Annie if Kris belittled her or her family, there was a pregnant pause before Annie said, "’Wag ko na lang sagutin [I’d rather not answer that]."

Annie said James did get someone pregnant before but he told Kris about it when they were still dating. Despite this, Annie said James chose Kris because he loves her. "Pero hindi naman nagkulang si James sa obligasyon niya sa anak niya sa iba [Although he did not forget about his obligation to his other child]."

Annie insists that James did not have affairs with other women. "Once basketball player ka, sikat ka at maraming babae ang mag-idol sa iyo. Pero hindi totoo yan, hindi nambabae ang anak ko [When you’re a famous basketball player, it is only normal to be idolized by women, but that doesn’t mean my son is a womanizer]."

Kris had said on The Buzz that she stopped loving James on April 26, after he said something to their three-year-old son Baby James, which Kris refused to divulge. Annie, however, told Showbiz Central that James does not have a temper. "Mabait siya at hindi siya sumisigaw [He is a nice person and it is not in his nature to shout]."

Reacting to Kris’ legal action to make her and James’ five-year marriage declared void from the beginning, Annie said she doesn’t believe it was void from the start since she signed a parent’s consent form.

She urged Kris to settle their marital problems in private, instead of conducting interviews on TV. "Sana, kung maghiwalay man kayo, mag-usap kayo. Ayusin niyo sa mabuting usapan kasi nasaktan kami sa dami ng mga balita [If you’re really going to end your marriage, do it privately because we get affected by the news]."


Showbiz Central interview with Annie Yap Part 1

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