Kris Aquino's Christmas Gifts for Her Friends This Year are All Kinds of Awesome

What does the queen of all media give her favorite people on Earth? You might just find #EverythingYouLove

Let's all silently acknowledge our secret yearning to be Kris Aquino's very own Darla Sauler, who, as her head writer, tails the queen of all media in her frequent travels and is a recipient to her very generous gifts.

Actually, we'll take being any friend on Kris's list—it's no secret that the host is an impeccable gift giver. In fact, when she made her way to The SM Store one Christmas shopping afternoon, we had her pick gifts for her most favorite people. And guess what? She more than lives up to the hype.

Her Christmas gift list includes a pair of camo jogger pants, a denim button-down, a pair of sunnies, a bag, a Christmas plant decor, some Frootz hand cream, a superhero t-shirt, a coffee maker, some necklaces, headphones, and a pair of shoes. Bravo, Krissy!

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