10 People in Your Life Who Deserve a Gift Basket This Year

Time to update your list.

(SPOT.ph) Where’d the time go? It’s only a few months away from Christmas, which means only one thing: The season of giving is in full swing. 

It’s also the season of Christmas baskets, which can be awesome, classy gifts, provided you can personally customize them for specific recipients. So when you start writing your list this year, don’t forget to include these people in it—we all know they deserve something nice for everything they’ve done for you.


To the non-drinking officemate, for being the responsible one during inuman sessions. How would we ever get home without you?


Manong guard, for always allowing us to enter the building without an ID. Pramis, it's buried somewhere in our desk.


Kuya driver, for braving these busy streets for us every day and for listening to us rant while stuck in traffic. 


Tita Baby, for asking about the status of our love life every year. We know that you only ask because you want what's best for us.



Our loving kasambahays, for waking up earlier than us to get the house ready and staying up late waiting for us to get home.


To our office best friend, for agreeing to do everything with us. All those office all nighters, weekly Zumba classes, and after-work drinks are very much appreciated.


To our childhood best friend, for simply making time. We only see each other a few times a year, but it's like no time has passed every time we do.



To the office lunch lady, who always puts a little bit more sabaw or gulay on our plates when we ask for it.



To our neighbors, thank you for being understanding every time there's a karaoke party at our place. You're always welcome to drop by, too! 



Our awesome families, for always being there when the chips are down and for being our constant source of strength in everything we do.


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Each basket can be customized and filled with goodies your recipients will love: from fine wines and delectable confections to Noche Buena selections. And with baskets starting at just P100, you can spread the holiday cheer far and wide this year.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Robinsons Supermarket.
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