10 Struggles First-Time Employees Know All Too Well

The struggle is real, you guys.

Aced that interview and got the job? Good for you! You are now a certified member of the adult world. On your first job, you will face many challenges. Here are a few you’re sure to encounter. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You’re not alone. We promise it gets better as long, as you keep your head up and work hard.

1. When your entry-level, not-so-big, not-so-fat paycheck gets even slimmer after tax and SSS contribution deductions.

2. When you realize that all the clothes in your closet are more Coachella than corporate.

3. When you end up doing all the clerical work. Photocopy paperwork? Fix the jammed printer? Run two floors up to pick up a memo? Yep, that’s all on you, noob!

4. When you’re the new kid and you don’t know anyone yet, and it all feels like the first day of high school again.

5. When you blew your first paycheck. Because yay money! And now you’re counting the days before the next paycheck comes.

6. When, just as you’re about to step out to par-tay with your friends, your boss tells you you’re going to have to pull an all-nighter…and you end up going home at 6AM the next day.

7. When you end up with the hand-me-down computer that keeps conking out, as well as the hand-me-down stapler that keeps jamming, the hand-me-down chair that’s missing a wheel…

8. When tropical typhoons don’t mean a thing! Signal #2? Waist-deep floods? Yep, you’re still expected to report to work. Welcome to the real world.

9. When you have to either deal with the hell of driving through traffic every day or the hell of daily public transport. Who knew you’d miss your school bus this much?

10. When you’re finally given a chance to head your own project or assignment and you suddenly feel totally inexperienced and green. Why you? You know less than Jon Snow, and that guy knows nothing!

Yep, adulting is hard! Some days you’ll feel like throwing in the towel. Who knew it was going to be this exhausting? But chin up, it’s not all bad. Your first job can be thrilling and exciting, too. There will be days when your boss will give you an A+ for a job well done or the client will love your pitch. When these things happen, feel free to give yourself a pat on the back or a cheeseburger. You deserve it.

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