10 Struggles of Exercising During the Summer

Sweaty-on-sweaty can get really crazy

Trying to exercise on a regular basis is already a struggle in itself. Now that summer is around the corner, the road to fitness is just about to get even more challenging with the sun breathing down our necks. You can’t stop now! Not when that beach trip is coming up and you’re nowhere near your #BodyGoals. Thankfully, you’re not alone—a lot of people go through these 10 struggles to get fit this summer.

1. Surviving an intense spinning class and seeing an ice cream shop after the workout
Because it’s hot outside, that scoop of vanilla bean ice cream looks a lot like heaven. Don’t you think it’s time you reward yourself for getting your butt to spin class today?

2. Panic-exercising to fit into that cute (and expensive) bikini you just bought
Buying a bikini that’s one size smaller is motivation to get moving!

3. All your friends are out and you’re there, bored AF on the treadmill
What, you're just trying to get some exercise in your system like a responsible adult.

4. Trying to embrace the sun and exercising outdoors
This sounded like a good idea until you get back inside looking red as a lobster with tanlines that aren’t even close to flattering.

5. Working out on grass until you realize you’re allergic to it
Having sensitive skin, sweat and grass don’t make that great of a combo. You’ll end up scratching your way to the freezer for ice cubes.

6. Exercising in a place that’s not the gym
…and realizing that there’s no locker room or restrooms or any amenities that are essential to working out properly.

7. That jabar
Two things you can do about this: Pack five extra shirts or just stay away from anything that will make you sweat to save you from jabar-induced embarrassment.

8. Your earphones sliding out of your ears for the nth time
Your whole life is a mess because your jam keeps getting interrupted by how often you have to untangle those earphones while on the elliptical!

9. Running during sunset
Sounds like a sweet idea, right? That picturesque view of the sun as you run towards it… only to find that you’ve been bitten by a hundred mosquitoes.

10. Sweating 98,462,749 times more than usual
Maybe sweaty is sexy… but not when you look like a hot mess that’s about to pass out in your own pool of sweat. Beat the heat and keep your workout routine cool and comfy with Fissan Prickly Heat EXTRA COOL Powder.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Fissan.
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