10 Things Every Outdoorsy Couple Will Understand

Here's to all the outdoorsy couples!

They say that the couple that travels together, stays together. After all, traveling gives couples plenty of new experiences, realizations, and good old quality time. Tell us: Are you one of those outdoorsy couples who can identify with the following scenarios?

1. Your dream dates always involve being outdoors.

2. You both don't like staying indoors on weekends.

3. Unless you're in some sort of beach house in Palawan.

4. You spend a lot of evenings planning your next out of town trip together.

5. Your respective Facebook and Instagram pages are full of vacation photos.

6. You usually spend your money on camping gear instead of date clothes.

7. You go on outdoor group dates with other outdoorsy couples.

8. But since you travel a lot, your scalps are prone to dirt and pollution, which can cause dandruff.

9. So you use Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, which nourishes scalps to remove and prevent dandruff, and give you unstoppable freshness wherever you go. 

10. Finally, once you're done freshening up, you step out of the house and do it all over again.

Here's to all the outdoorsy couples! Buy CLEAR online at Lazada.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Clear.
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