10 Ways to Dress Like a Grown Man

It's about damn time!

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There are several ways to tell the difference between a boy and a man, and how he dresses is one of them. Boys tend to be more experimental with their clothes, while men go for clothing items that exude sophistication and class.

Now that you’re a grown man, it’s time to slowly do away with your old t-shirts and sneakers and start investing in slacks, leather shoes, and better-looking tees. It’s time to dress your age and show off your older and wiser self by trying the following:

1. Find a suit that’s a perfect fit
Suits are smart and sexy, unless they’re two sizes too big. Bring out your inner alpha male by going for a suit that perfectly fits your physique.

2. Get better tees
Your old college t-shirts may hold a lot of sentimental value, but it only ruins your grown-up fashion style. Instead, stock up on solid and well-made t-shirts, particularly those in neutral colors like gray and black.

3. Wear well-fitting jeans
Baggy and frayed jeans may look cool when you were younger, but they start to look ridiculous as you grow older. Besides, women absolutely love it when men wear well-fitting jeans.

4. Match the jeans with leather shoes
Rubber shoes are best left at the basketball court or the gym. For your everyday wear, go for a pair of professional-looking leather shoes.

5. Wearing shorts at the right place and time
There’s a right place and time to wear shorts, so don’t hesitate to stock your wardrobe with some of them. Unless you’re planning a trip to the safari anytime soon, never go for cargo shorts.

6. Place your stuff in a leather bag
School time is over, and you no longer need that nylon messenger bag. Stuffing all your things in a leather briefcase or bag will definitely add pogi points.

7. Tell time with a nice watch
The time to wear dogtags and string bracelets has passed. Add more sophistication to your look with leather bracelets or a nice silver wristwatch.

8. Learn to iron your dress shirts
Make sure that your dress shirts are always ironed and wrinkle-free in order for you to look smart at all times. To have an easier time, choose shirt fabrics that are built to resist wrinkles.

9. Roll up your sleeves
Long sleeves look better and sexier when they’re rolled up. And when you do, make sure that the top of the cuff remains exposed.

10. Accessorize like a grown man
The tiniest things make the biggest impressions. Make a good one by complementing your get-up with a versatile white pocket square, cufflinks, and a sturdy tie bar.

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