10 Ways to Make Your Staycation Awesome

Because you just can’t sleep through the entire Christmas break!

This year, the holidays bring us back-to-back long weekends—hooray! While others booked trips for the Yuletide season, many of you have decided to enjoy the comforts of home. Which is a just-as-excellent decision, especially since Globe lets you enjoy a thousand and one things straight from your mobile devices to your TV through Google Chromecast! Check out these 10 ways to make the most out of your holiday staycation with Chromecast:

1. Relive the excitement as you play back a full season of NBA games

Remember that day when you were stuck at work while everyone else went bananas over that Stephen Curry three-point shot? Here’s your chance to relive all the moments you missed!

2. Fall in love with a “new” TV series

Travel back in time and binge watch some Chuck or The OC (courtesy of HOOQ), or you can also get that 90’s feel with a Mad About You marathon—without having to wait for next week’s episode!

3. Go on a Christmas movie marathon (without fighting over what movies to watch)!

It’s Christmas anyway so you might as well spend hours watching Disney's Home Alone and other holiday movies. A great thing about Chromecast is that you can have it installed in up to 5 different devices—so there’s really no fighting over what movie to watch with your sibs!

4. Party all night on Christmas Eve with a customized music playlist

Create your own playlist on Spotify or choose from hundreds of ready-made playlists that you can dance to all night long!

5. Spend a “quiet” moment while watching TV in “private”

Those quotation marks are there for a reason. Chromecast lets you watch shows on HOOQ that only YOU can hear. So while the baby is asleep, you can still watch an action flick without worrying about waking her up!

6. Fall into a glorious YouTube hole

Sit comfortably on the couch, grab some popcorn and watch YouTube straight from your TV. Choose one video and get lost in the suggested ones. Spend hours laughing and crying your heart out over holiday puppy surprise videos and a lot more!

7. Search for recipes on Google and experiment making yummy meals for the family

No more struggling to read that recipe on the small screen of your phone—you can search through Google from your TV and all the instructions clearly as you bake your very first batch of gooey choco chip cookies!

8. No extra controller? No problem. Play games on the TV as much as you like!

Play your favorite mobile games on your TV. You don’t need a gaming console—just your Chromecast. You can even use your smartphone as a controller for the games you choose!

9. Karaoke day in and day out with Spotify

No need to rent out that bulky old videoke machine that will make your neighbors hate you for life. Sing on karaoke with your family in the comforts and privacy of your living room, thanks to Spotify!

10. Feel cozy and be free to stay lazy all day with your favorite videos on loop

Finally, the most amazing thing about being on a holiday break is that you can stay in bed as long as you like. Star Wars marathon in bed? Done and done! 

Google Chromecast is your best buddy during your holiday break staycation. You can get your Chromecast for free with a Globe Home Broadband Plan starting at Plan 1299 with free access to HOOQ as well as across all Home Broadband Plans with free access to HOOQ and Spotify or NBA League Pass.

Meanwhile, Globe Platinum Broadband customers can avail of the Chromecast for free starting at Plan 2499 to Plan 9499 with free access to HOOQ, Spotify, and the NBA League Pass.

For more information and to sign up for Chromecast, visit https://www.globe.com.ph/chromecast today!

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