10 Ways You Know You're A Domestic God Or Goddess

For you, “home is where the heart is,” in the true sense of the word.

(SPOT.ph) If you love cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, ironing, or even planning a budget for home expenses, you're not only a responsible human being who’s good at #ADULTING, but also possibly a homemaking savant. These are the qualities of a true whiz-at-home.

Your me-time is spent doing household chores.
But you don’t consider them chores. Like, there’s nothing more therapeutic than re-organizing your pantry or closet.

You go on autopilot while vacuuming.
You just know the best way to go around the house so you don’t end up dirtying the areas you’ve already cleaned.

You’d rather shop for closet organizers than clothes.
New duds are nice, but it's all the storage options and organizers that really excite you.


Multitasking in the kitchen and the laundry room is a cinch.



Especially when you have the right appliances. Do the laundry with this 7.0 kg, fully-automatic LG washing machine that spends just P0.85 per wash-rinse-spin-dry cycle, and a 7.0 kg front load Beko dryer that goes for an efficient P6.18 per cycle.  

At the same time, get the fluffy rice going with this 1.8L Hanabishi rice cooker that uses just P3.11 per use. Those are some practical appliances perfect for your practical personality. 


Your clothes are never wrinkled.
Because you've invested in an excellent steam iron like this one from Philips. You get the job done well, and at only P2.93 per hour.  

Your refrigerator stacking skills are superb. 
And it's not just about making space; you make it so that getting things is easy. But you won't have to worry about refrigerator real estate 9 Cu. ft. Whirlpool refrigerator. Best part: it uses just P9.62 a day. 

You always bring extra baon for officemates.
Whether it’s ulam and rice or a batch of cookies, you’ve got it covered. Your colleagues love how the cookies you made the night before are still gooey and fresh, when made with this energy-friendly Breville Smart Oven, which costs just P1.58 per 5-minute use.  

Your place is the barkada’s HQ.
They especially like how you keep the air fresh with a cost-effective air humidifier, like this Sharp unit which consumes P0.45 an hour at maximum speed, while purifying the air of a 21-square meter space. 

Your browser bookmarks are all homemaking hacks.
Even when you’re on the go, you’re constantly thinking of ways to make your place even homier.

You’re always on top of paying the rent and bills.
That's because you always refer to the Meralco website to check on energy-saving "Orange Tag" appliances. 

With the Meralco Orange Tag, you can easily check the estimated peso equivalent of your electric consumption per appliance. Doing so helps you monitor your electric consumption in a smart way. 



Click here to learn more about the Meralco Orange Tag. 

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Meralco.
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