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(SPOT.ph) With how tough life is lately, getting rid of minor inconveniences and simplifying routines are top priorities at home. Enter smart devices. Apart from getting your life in order, they also add a modern touch to even the most humble of spaces. We listed a few cool and game-changing home gadgets that you can score without breaking the bank.

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Check out these affordable home gadgets and electronics online:

Tapo P100 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket (P480) from TP-Link

home gadgets and electronics

We all know the internal struggle of deciding to stand up from your very comfy position to turn off lights or gadgets you left on. You don’t have to worry about it anymore once you get your hands on this smart and compact Wi-Fi Socket from TP-Link. It allows you to switch lights, gadgets, and other connected devices with just a tap on your screen via the Tapo App, which is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. You can even set a timer and schedule when they turn on and off through the application so you have one less thing to worry about.

Available on Lazada.

Smart Security Camera (starts at P599) from Weelong

home gadgets and electronics_weelong
PHOTO BY Shopee/Weelong Outlet Store
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Always keep track of your home even when you’re outside with this easy-to-install security camera from Weelong. It’s a wireless camera that can be connected to a 2.4G router and accessed through an application so you can see what your pets or kids are doing in real time in high-resolution, courtesy of the 360-degree panoramic view. You can even talk to them through it and vice versa.

Available on Shopee.

Mosquito Killer (P479) from Zapronto

home gadgets and electronics_zapronto
PHOTO BY Shopee/Kimstore

Rain or shine, mosquitos (and by extension, bugs) will find a way to be an absolute menace to the household. Say goodbye to itchiness and discomfort caused by these insects when you get this non-toxic UV Mosquito Killer from Zapronto. It can cover up to 30 square meters of your space. It requires zero maintenance, so just let it do its work—silently.

Available on Shopee.

Motion Sensor Lights (P352) from Vastar

home gadgets and electronics vastar
PHOTO BY Lazada/Vastar Official Store

Bid goodbye to searching for switches in the dark with these motion sensor lights from Vastar. It can detect anyone within three to six meters, which will prompt the light to turn on. It turns off 25 seconds after a person leaves the vicinity. It will only light up in the dark so you don’t have to worry about accidentally draining the battery mid-day. You can use it as an emergency light since it's equipped with a long-lasting battery (and is rechargeable via USB). The best part? You can attach it to any surface, be it inside your wardrobe, by your bed, on the halls, or on the stairs.

Available on Lazada.

Mini Handheld Vacuum (P702) from Plextone

home gadgets and electronics_vacuum cleaner
PHOTO BY Shopee/Plextone Official Store

If you love snacking on your work table or in front of your laptop, then this portable vacuum cleaner is for you. Your keyboard, desks, sofas, and any other small surfaces and crevices will be void of food crumbs, even dirt, hair, and other small particles when you glide this vacuum cleaner through them. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easier to use, not to mention the stylish appearance that will fit right into your aesthetic.

Available on Shopee.

Echo Dot (P3,990) from Amazon

home gadgets and electronics_echo dot
PHOTO BY Shopee/Gamextreme

The most expensive one out of the bunch is this Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) smart speaker. You can activate this nifty device with a simple “Hey, Alexa,” and then command or ask it to do stuff for you, like read the news, report the weather, or play music, et cetera. The Echo Dot is one of the most popular smart speakers with an entry-level price tag.

Available on Shopee.

Smart Doorbell (starts at P439) from Smatrul

home gadgets and electronics_smatrul
PHOTO BY Shopee/Smatrul

Is plain knocking not cutting it for you and your hearing? Get a doorbell. Like this wireless one from Smatrul for a hassle-free installation. The Type B version is self-powered, meaning it doesn’t need batteries or charging. You can adjust the volume from 0 to 110 dB. Despite its compact size, it can be heard up to 150 meters in the open area so rest assured that you’ll hear every time the Shopee or Lazada driver delivers a parcel to your house.

Available on Shopee.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner (P3,290) from Robovac

home gadgets and electronics_robovac
PHOTO BY Shopee/Kimstore

If you’ve watched Star Wars, you most probably adore those cute little robots BB8 and R2D2 and wished to have one yourself. Think of this robot vacuum cleaner as your personal robot that cleans up after you. It’s your best friend when it comes to cleaning, they say. It’s available in cute pastel colors, too.

Available on Shopee.

Garment Iron Steamer (P3,599) from Philips

home gadgets and electronics_philips
PHOTO BY Shopee/Philips

Get rid of your clothes’ creases in a snap with this reliable iron steamer from Philips. No need for a big ironing board, just hang your fabrics—denim, silk, velvet, knitwear—and steam away with this hand-size steamer. It also removes 99.9% of bacteria and odor, so not only do you look fresh and clean, you also feel and smell like it. It’s also a major space-saver—perfect for condo dwellers.

Available on Shopee.

Smart LED Light Bulb (P569) from Crabtek

home gadgets and electronics_crabtek
PHOTO BY Shopee/Crabtek

It’s okay to admit you’ve done a lot of concerts in your room with your stuffed toys and imaginary friends as your audience. It’s fun and all, but you also need color-changing lights to match your music for the full experience. You can finally go on that bedroom tour when you get these color-changing LED light bulbs from CrabTek. It has 16 million hues which you can sync into your music so you can jump from a soulful ballad to a full-on K-Pop dance number. You can control it via your voice as well as set a timer or schedule to turn it on or off.

Available on Shopee.

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