5 No-Fail Ways to Relax at Work

It wouldn’t hurt to take a break, right?

Remember how you tried just about every trick at your disposal to get out of your mid-afternoon naps when you were a kid? How you would hide away, hoping you won’t get caught and be dragged to bed, or maybe you’d pretend to sleep before making your escape the second your mom or yaya becomes busy? Oh, the folly of youth! Now that we’re grown-ups and forced to slog through the workday, what we’d give for a break!

When you’ve hit a wall and simply cannot function properly anymore at work, it’s a good idea to give yourself a moment to relax before you burn out for the day. Here are a few activities that’ll recharge your batteries on days when your to-do list feels never-ending and insurmountable:

1. Grab some coffee
While getting your caffeine fix will definitely give you a necessary jolt of energy, taking your time and just enjoying your steaming brew is a great way to unwind as well.

2. Catch up with your officemates
When you’re stuck at your desk with your eyes glued to the screen the whole day, you’d probably appreciate talking to an actual human being for a few minutes. Trust us, they’re loads more interesting.

3. Listen to some tunes
Whether you want to just chill to some mellow jazz, or hype yourself up with some head-banging rock, playing music is a sure-fire way to turn your workday mood around. 

4. Catch some Z’s
Power naps are the greatest things ever: you just need to nod off for 10 to 15 minutes, and you’ll wake up rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the work day. Just make sure your boss doesn't catch you!

5. Give yourself a massage
If you’re feeling achy—which, yeah, you probably are after being hunched over your desk for hours on end—then a quick rubdown with some soothing essential oils can do wonders to soothe your body and chase away any lingering discomfort.

Make your workdays more pleasant by stashing a bottle of White Flower Embrocation Oil in your work bag! Its portable size makes it the perfect stress-reliever for those afternoons when you need a few minutes to just relax and relieve your aching body. Simply massage two to three drops of White Flower to affected areas to soothe common workplace pains like headaches, dizziness, muscle pain, and stiff neck. After all, just because you’re stuck in the office all day doesn’t mean you've given up the right to be comfortable!

White Flower is available at all drugstores nationwide.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with White Flower.
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