5 #OfficeProblems That Have Nothing to Do With Stress

Because paperwork isn’t your only enemy in the office.

People spend at least 50 hours a week at the office, so it’s understandable to have irritations that pop up at random times of the day. SPOT.ph presents five major annoyances that make it more challenging for employees love their workplace.

Disappearing office supplies
You went through great lengths to color-coordinate your things, but over the last few weeks, you’ve noticed that your set of rainbow-colored pens is incomplete and your stash of sticky notes is halfway gone. What’s up with that? Don’t be the office kleptomaniac’s regular victim by keeping everything you deem valuable safely hidden in your locked pedestal. As they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Annoying office machines
The photocopier that has so many buttons but doesn’t come with a manual, the vending machine that eats your bill but never gives you coffee… These confusing contraptions seem to torture you day in and day out. The next time you need something from a particular device, check to see if someone is operating it before you do so you can get instant assistance if needed.

Talkative seatmates
It’s only 8 am, but you already know what she wore to her date, where they ate, and how the night ended. You never signed up to be her friend, but that’s how it feels because you know her life story even if you’re sitting three rows away from her! The next time she gets chatty, whip out your earphones and play instrumental background music to drown out the sound of her voice.

Open spaces
It feels empowering to literally break communication barriers by having no walls at the office and collaborating with colleagues at any point in time. But do you know what having an open-plan office also means? More distractions and less privacy. Always choose the seat by the corner (preferably with your back close to the walls) so you can hide what’s on your screen and have some semblance of privacy when you need it.

Blizzard-like weather
You don’t understand why the A/C needs to be constantly at 17 degrees, making your skin excessively dry and your lips painfully chapped. For a quick fix, buy a jar of Vaseline Original Jelly and stash it in your drawer. Aside from the pure petroleum jelly moisturizing parched part of your body, it also protects from minor paper cuts or office furniture scrapes!

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