5 Practical Uses of Your Credit Card When Traveling Abroad

Because having no cash is sometimes better when you're out of the country.

Thanks to budget carriers and regular seat sales, everyone gets to live the life of a jetsetter with ease. It’s now easy to put ‘see Japan cherry blossoms in April’ or ‘Beach time in Phuket’ in one’s social calendar, and the possibilities of travelling continues to grow!

With this in mind, it would be wise to arm yourself with the perfect companion when traveling abroad: A reliable credit card. This smart plastic shouldn't be considered mere "fail-safe," emergency option. It provides convenience and security that all sensible travelers will definitely enjoy. Here are some of the advantages.

It makes hotel deposits so much easier

Hotel deposits take-up a bulk of most travel budgets, so using your credit card for hotel deposits is actually a no-hassle way of ensuring you reserve your cash for other things. #pasalubongpamore

You stay as liquid as possible

Let’s put it this way – having your credit card with you, simply means that you have buying power, while having actual cash. So be it in a restaurant, a shopping mall, or simply to make a call abroad, having this little plastic magic gives you ease and confidence while traveling.

It's safer than carrying a lot of money

We’re not saying that nowhere is safe anymore (or that you don't need cash when traveling,) but having a credit card is a lot easier and safer than having to sift through a big wad of bills.

You have a paper trail to document all your expenses

If you’re the meticulous type who needs to know where your money goes, then using a credit card while abroad provides that peace of mind. All transactions are documented, and you can see how much you’ve already shelled out for the trip at the end of the day. Which means…

You can budget purchases easier because of the immediate paper trail

Splurged too much on that new handbag? Not a problem! With on-hand information of how much you’ve already spent, it’s actually easier to plan what else to buy, where to eat, and where to proceed the next day and until the end of a trip.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why keeping a credit card is the smart choice when traveling abroad. And now you can be even smarter if you choose BDO Credit Cards, as your credit card of choice!

Travelers get extra perks and privileges via exclusive credit card deals and what’s more, The Great BDO Travel Sale will allow you to have great savings while booking your dream vacation! Exclusive to BDO Rewards, Debit, and Credit Cardholders, The Great BDO Travel Sale will showcase a wide array of airlines and travel agencies offering international and local airline tickets, complete tour packages, cruise options, visa application and processing assistance and other travel-related services. What’s more, BDO offers a "Travel Now, Pay Later" promo that allows cardholders to book tickets and tour packages here and abroad via an installment basis which can be paid in 6 months—at 0% interest! And if you own various credit cards under BDO, you can even do exclusive balance transfers to add value to your card of choice, and all you pay is an additional 0.59% add on rate/month.

But more than this, BDO credit cards give you peace of mind with their reliable credit and security tips, friendly customer service, and dependable bank info online.

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