5 Signals Only You and Your Work BFF can Understand

Like the universal "sweldo na!" rejoicing

We all have that one officemate who just gets us. From long hours spent working on projects together, to the countless coffee and lunch breaks spent side by side, it’s not a surprise that you sometimes develop your own quirky language—one that does not even need words!

1. "Si crush o!"
Admit it: the moment you stepped into the new office, you've started patrolling the aisles for the office cutie of your dreams. Now that you’ve been here quite a bit, you and your office BFF have mastered the subtle art of the eyebrow wiggle plus nguso—a sure sign that crushie is right around the corner.

2. "Antok pa ako bes."
Whatever time your shift starts, it seems like the first two hours always pass so sluggishly. Thank goodness for your work best friend, who, at your first big yawn, would poke you either to wake up or, if needs must, to grab some emergency caffeine to keep you going.

3. "Lunch?"
Ah, lunch time—the most sacred of hours, especially at work. When your lunch buddy gives you a subtle pout, and mimes eating with his hands, you know it’s time to get up for your midday meal.

4. "Si boss, nasa likod mo!"
Wide eyes, a head tilt, and a slightly manic expression—it can only mean one thing. “Behave, nandiyan si Boss!” Don’t forget to shoot your office BFF a quick thank you since he gave you just enough warning to shut down your Facebook window!

5. "Sweldo na!"
And finally, the universal victory arms can only mean one thing: MONEY! Isn’t it great to have someone to tell you when that sweet, sweet paycheck comes in?

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