5 Things You're Better Off Paying With a Credit Card Instead of Cash

When to choose plastic over paper


(SPOT.ph) One of the attainable joys of #adulting is finally getting your own credit card. It makes shopping easier and more convenient, and establishes your credit history, which is something you need as an adult. Having a credit card is both a privilege and a responsibility. As long as you’re smart about using one—staying within your credit limit and budget and always paying on time—you’ll discover that choosing plastic over paper can be truly beneficial.


There are several instances when it’s smarter to pay with a credit card than cash, and here are some of them.


When paying for travel expenses


Booking plane tickets and hotel accommodations is more convenient using your credit card. Moreover, certain airlines and hotels offer special promos, discounts, and perks when you book using plastic.


For one, Blue from American Express Credit Cardmembers can avail of the Frequent Traveler Option, which allows the conversion of Membership Rewards® Points to air miles with any of the six Frequent Flyer Program partners—or hotel loyalty points for complimentary stays.


Using your credit card to make purchases while traveling is advisable. You'll feel more secure and at ease as compared to, say, if you were carrying loads of foreign currency. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of your purchases.


Online shopping


Face it—the world has gone digital. We’ve entered an age when you no longer need to walk into brick and mortar stores to go shopping; you can always shop online. It no longer makes sense to not have a credit card in a world where digital is a way of life.


When making large purchases


It makes more sense to charge big ticket items such as gadgets and appliances to your credit card than to pay in cash. Most banks offer an installment plan—sometimes at 0% interest—for big-item purchases. Installment plans make paying for that replacement washing machine, laptop, or smartphone easier on the pocket.


Most credit cards also offer shopping rewards and perks. The Blue from American Express, for instance, lets cardmembers earn 1 Membership Rewards® Point for every P45 spent. You can then use your points to redeem a variety of rewards, such as shopping gift certificates, home appliances, gadgets, and more.



When buying concert and amusement park tickets


It’s faster, safer, and more convenient to book and pay for concert tickets using your credit card, rather than walking to a ticket booth carrying thousands of cash. You can even take advantage of special credit card discounted offers or early bird rates.


Same goes when you purchase theme park tickets and movie tickets online. You can avoid the hassle of long queues and pay for your tickets in advance with just a few clicks, using your credit card.


Bills payment


Paying for utilities is a whole lot easier with your credit card. This saves you the trouble of repeatedly falling in line at service centers, especially if you only have one bill to take care of. You can either pay online every month or enroll your utilities to your credit card's auto-debit facility, which will ensure that you won't miss out on paying your bills on time.


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