5 Ways We Wish Our Gadgets Could Be Better

All young professionals want the same thing.

What do you wish your gadget can do better? If you're a young professional, chances are you're constantly looking for a device that can make your job easier and help you become better at it. We talked to five young professionals about their work lives and the one thing they wish their phones or laptops could do. Read on:

Carl, 28, Art Director
"I wish there's a gadget that I can use for work when I'm not at the office. I am constantly out of the office supervising photo shoots, and I commute a lot, so I need something that is powerful enough to run 'heavy' programs, but light enough to bring around everywhere."

Sheryn, 23, Vlogger
"I'm always on the go, taking snaps of myself and the things that interest me. I can't be lugging around a whole lot of heavy video equipement, so sana may maliit na gadget na lightweight that helps me make my Vlogs whenever and wherever."

Marika, 30, Account Executive
"I need an easy-to-carry gadget that can store all of my documents. I like things to be neat and orderly, so I freak out after meetings because of the clutter. There's a lot of paperwork involved. I'm tired na rin of having to carry these documents all the time."

Jerome, 24, Entrepreneur
"I move around a lot. I find my phone really useful, but I need a bigger gadget that I can carry around wherever I go. Medyo limited kasi yung view ko when I compose a proposal letter or look at bank statements. Sorry ha, medyo tito."

Marianne, 25, Freelance Writer
"Being a freelancer allows me to travel anytime I want. After all, I can do my writing regardless of where I am at the moment. My hope is to find a gadget that will help me write more conveniently while I'm on the go. Ayoko na ng laptop, because they're too heavy and bulky, and writing an article on a smartphone is torture!"

Here's the thing: such a gadget exists! A new standard in convenience and user-friendliness is revealed in Samsung Galaxy Tab—a powerful and versatile gadget that has a larger screen compared to a smartphone and is easier to carry than a laptop. It has a multitude of features that can be used for work and play, wherever you go. This is only the beginning of how the Samsung Galaxy Tab is here to make life easier for everyone. Watch this to see what we mean:

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