10 Best Rainy-Day Shoes

Brave the rain with these splash-proof shoes!

(SPOT.ph) A famous fashion designer once said, "Style is eternal". And indeed it is. But with the sudden, and usually heavy downpour that Manileños face every year, it can be hard to dress up or dress down a nice outfit without sacrificing style. We help you beat the bad-weather blues with our 10 best rainy day shoes that put both comfort and style at the forefront. Look your best in these and splash away!


Note: Rainboots are not included in the list. Check out our 20 Hip Rain Boots list for more options during the rainy weather.


1. Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Color Pop 2-Eye Boat Shoe (P4,995)

Hey, if it can brave the crazy high seas, literally, it can brave even the craziest monsoons in the city, too.

Available at Sperry Branches.


2. Plueys Manila Rain Skimmers (P1,450)

Walk in style with these waterproof babies in a classic polka-dot print.

Available at Readyforrain.com


3. Crocs Ballet Flats (P2,900)

Despite the many naysayers, Crocs still proves to be one of the go-to brands for comfort, and their waterproof ballet flats are a sure way to combat wetness from those annoying puddles on the street.

Available at Crocs branches.



4. Melissa Rubber Boat Shoes (P3,495)

Protect your feet with a chic and waterproof pair of these.

Available at Melissa and Shoe Salon branches.



5. Dr. Martens Lace-up Rubber Boots (P3,895)

Look cool and stay dry with Dr. Martens rubber boots.

Dr. Martens is available at Two Parkade, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Makati.



6. Native Verona (P2, 790)

The Native Verona comes in a slew of punchy colors, making it that much easier to brighten up a gloomy day.

Available at Shoe Salon, Restoerun, and Bratpack branches.


7. CLN Colored Loafers (P1,499)

Look preppy while staying dry in these cute loafers.

Available at CLN branches.


8. Primadonna Black Oxford Shoes (P1,399.95)

They’re not made of rubber, but these stylish oxfords do take you from point A to point B without getting your feet wet.

Available at Primadonna branches.


9. Nike Roshe Runs (P4,495)

Stomp all you want in these well-loved sneakers (it’s a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe) while still looking cool.

Available at Nike branches.


10. Mel Toffee Apple Wedges (P2,995)

Sure, they’re not intended for long walks, but do show everyone who’s boss in these stylish waterproof wedges.

Available online and at Shoe Salon branches.

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