6 Legit Reasons To Start Your Day with Coffee

It’s exactly what you need in your daily grind.



For most people, coffee is the essential morning beverage as it gives them the kickstart they need to power through the day. But there's more to coffee than just being a go-to drink. Here, we give you seven reasons why you should begin your day with it.


Coffee wakes you up.

This is because the caffeine in coffee mimics adenosine, a neurotransmitter known to cause drowsiness, and blocks its effects. With caffeine coursing through your veins, you’ll definitely feel that you can accomplish everything on your to-do list for the day!


Coffee makes you more productive.

That jolt of caffeine will get you up to speed no matter how challenging your tasks are. According to a study published in the journal Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, caffeine combined with glucose, “improves cognitive performance” particularly in terms of attention and memory—two mental functions you need when you’re in the office.


Coffee boosts your mood.

According to Prevention.com, the antioxidants in coffee are responsible for enhancing your mood. Nothing can bring you down even though you’ve got lots of tasks at hand—so go get some coffee and start your workday right!


Coffee improves memory.

A study conducted by researchers from John Hopkins University said that caffeine improves the brain’s capability to produce long-term memories. Want to wow your colleagues by effortlessly remembering important facts and figures from your meetings? That cup of joe can help you do just that.


Coffee helps burn fat.

According to a study published in BioMed Central, drinking coffee before any physical activity activates your body’s fat-burning system. Who wouldn’t want that, right?


Coffee energizes your skin.

The benefits don’t stop with drinking coffee. Yup, you read that right. You can give your haggard skin the energy boost it needs by using products with coffee bean extracts! Wash your face with Pond’s Men Energy Charge Face Wash to look fresh and energized every single day, even with your heavy workload.


Now that you know the things that coffee can do for you, make sure to include it in your everyday routine any way you can—be it as a drink or as a facial wash.

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