10 Cute Sweatshirts for Getting Cozy

Who needs a cuddle buddy when you have these?


(SPOT.ph) In case you've been living under a rock, it's officially the rainy season a.k.a. cuddle weather. Whether or not you have a cuddle buddy, putting on a comfy sweatshirt even when you're just staying in can give you the same cozy feeling—especially ones that make you feel 100/100. Check out these 10 cute sweatshirts:



Striped sweatshirt (P1,595) from Bershka

If you live on the Internet, this sweatshirt has your mantra written all over it.



100 Sweatshirt (P805) from Forever 21

Woke up on the wrong side of bed? This adorable sweatshirt will make you feel 100/100! 



Sweatshirt (P795) from Mango

We love sass.


DUH! Sweatshirt (P1,190) from H&M

This sequin-embroidered sweatshirt has got to be the cutest of them all—we mean, DUH! 



Pullover Sweater with Full Print (P699) from Human

Keep your look interesting with pops of print and colors! The print on this sweater kind of reminds us of adult coloring books. How cute!


Unbelievable Sweatshirt (P895) from Pull & Bear

Wear your frustration on a sweatshirt—an eyecatching neon pink one, for emphasis! 



Fleece Pullover with Combination Lace (P998) from Kashieca

Going for that I'm-so-chill-but-still-so-fashionable look? This combination pullover will keep you laidback and stylish.


Sweatshirt (P1,595) from Zara

Less is more, guys. And this sweatshirt embodies the saying! Remember to stay #classynottrashy. 



Awkward Sweatshirt (P788) from Missy MNL

When you're awkward AF, you kind of just want to wear a huge disclaimer because, well, why not? And besides, when you're sooo awkward, it might just pass as being seductive...kinda.


Floral Sweatshirt (P395) from Stradivarius

Not a rain person? This floral sweatshirt is the perfect pullover to make a statement.

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