10 Sneaky Items That Will Get You to Organize Your Stuff

They're cool to have and they will help keep your clutter at bay.


(SPOT.ph) Along with eating healthy and hitting the gym, vowing to lead a clutter-free and organized life figures in practically everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list. This year, seriously commit to the deed with these treats.



Storage Boxes (P299 each) from H&M Home

Even if it says 100% paper, we bet you would still touch it to feel if it’s really 100% paper. A grouping of three of these would look great in a kitchen shelf, or any shelf for that matter, to hold odds and ends.



Brass Jewelry Tree (P1,609) from Crate and Barrel

A messy pile of tangled jewelry is never a pretty sight. Do yourself a favor and organize them neatly in a tree. You’ll give each one a chance to shine on its own, and you’ll have a breezier time picking out a piece. 



Glam Desk Accessories: Pencil Tin (P895); Desk Divider (P1,350); Magazine Caddy (P1,650) from Pottery Barn Teens

Let these regal desk items reign your office or study clutter. The glam finish and classic pattern will certainly lend chicness to a kingdom of paper clips and stapler.



Peacock Feathers Catch All Tray (P595) from Seek the Uniq

We know you hate goodbyes but it’s time to finally get rid of that army of half-empty perfume, random lotion bottles, and stale makeup. Edit like crazy and retain only those that deserve a spot on this beautiful tray.




House Doctor “Creative Play” Boxes (P4,498) from Dimensione

These multi-purpose storage boxes are equal parts functional and decorative without being flashy.



Cord Roll (P500) from Vela Manila

Earphones, cords of all lengths, ballpens...these can instantly create an obstacle course in your bag when you're fishing for your keys. This nifty helper has plenty of pockets for all the little things that somehow end up in your bag and saving your sanity in the process. 



Fleur Chiffonier from Habitat

This charming chest of drawers would make a happy home for undies, craft paraphernalia, paper products, or any little objects you hold dear.


Price available upon request



Fiona Waste Bin (P599) from Seek the Uniq

Yes, it’s a waste bin, but we certainly won't judge you if you want to use this lovely container for a slightly more noble mission (laundry hamper or repository for gym equipment, perhaps?).



Large Wooden Box (P1,190) from H&M Home

Let this guy hold the bigger things that are better stored than seen. It can also function as a temporary shelter for items—like books and magazines while still looking for the right bookshelf. 



Magna Large Shelving Unit from Habitat

A big-ticket piece such as this shelving unit can easily dictate the mood of a room. You would want to fill it up only with your curated favorite things—and that doesn’t include dirty socks and a half-eaten rotten apple, we're sure?



Bonus: It’s movable and can be used as a divider if you’re living in a one-room space.


Price available upon request

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