Picks: 10 Quirky Things for Your Desk

Plus, your drink needs to ride a flamingo, too!

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( This week feels very desk-themed: We found a pen that makes us feel like champion writers, a unicorn tape dispenser, and an adorable sharpener that makes us want to sharpen even the pointiest pencil.


Of course, we wanted to throw a few wildcards in there, so if you're feeling a little hot, we found floaties for your drink, plus the coolest hairbrush ever. 


What We're Loving Now

Talking pen with glasses (P360)

Every writer has inevitably faced the torture of writer's block combined with a looming deadline. What better way to get through that obstacle than with a pen that hollers encouragement when you need it most? I love the look it's sporting, too. – Joanna Manalastas, editor-in-chief


Available at Fully Booked


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Ice Lolly Brush (P495)

We all need a moment to cool off in this unbearable heat. If you need a constant reminder to be less of a hot head, just brush away those unruly strands with this popsicle hairbrush. – Loren Evangelista, managing editor


Available at Rustan’s


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Vintage Pink Telephone (P4,500)

I'm bringing telephones back with this cool pink rota-dial phone. By the way, this phone works—just plug it in the cord. Even if we very barely use the telephone anymore, this makes a funky accent to any room. – Sasha Lim Uy, Eat + Drink section editor


Available at Sifra Interiors and Objects


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Wheelie Great Sharpener (P395)


This cheerful sharpener will make a great addition to any office desk. It's so cute, it'll make you want to sharpen even the pointiest pencil.  – Aimee Dacanay, staff writer


Available at Rustan's


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Metal book end (P599)

This metal book end makes me feel guilty, but it's a cute reminder of vicarious adventures to discover! – Stephanie Jesena, senior staff writer


Available at H&M


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MoMA History of Art Sketchbook (P799)

If you love art but can’t quite remember your artists, this sketchbook gives a handy cheat sheet so you can tell the difference between Picasso and Pollock. Those blank pages might just inspire your very own masterpiece! – Loren Evangelista, managing editor


Available at National Book Store


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Inflatable Flamingo Coasters (P590)

At some point this summer, you're probably going to lounge around on a flamingo floatie. You might as well dress your drink to match. – Sasha Lim Uy, Eat + Drink section editor


Available at


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Unicorn Tape Dispenser (P845)

Do I need to explain why you need this tape dispenser on your office desk? It's a unicorn that holds rainbow tape—making taping things together super duper magical!  – Jamie Sanchez, editorial assistant

Available at Rustan's


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Newgate Chalkboard Clock (P2,800)

Got a long list of things to do? Jot it all down in this chalkboard, and the clock will give you the added motivation to get things done.  – Aimee Dacanay, staff writer



Available at Heima


What We're Loving Now

Back pillow (P499.75)

The solution for my lola backache as I sit down and write away all day. – Stephanie Jesena, senior staff writer


Available at Robinsons Department Store

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