10 Must-Have Items for the Travel Junkie

These are your trusty companions!


(SPOT.ph) You’re ready to travel! But before you head out, take a look at what you’re bringing. We’ve rounded up 10 things you need to pack for your next trip (and adventures after that) so it doesn't turn out to be a disaster.



FlipBelt Zipper (P1,900) from Atleta Ako

Flipbelt may be a staple for runners, but as it turns out, it is also great for travelers. You can stash your money, credit card, keys, and mobile phone, freeing your hands and shoulders from carrying anything! This version with a zipper is wide enough to fit your passport and a larger phone like an iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 5, which further helps secure all your valuables.




Olive 1L Water Bottle (P930) from Vapur

Designed to stand when full and rolled or folded when empty, this water bottle adjusts to your needs. When empty, it occupies just a small part in your bag and when full, it can be attached to your bag or pants with the carabiner that comes with it. This water bottle also turns into an ice bag when you need one. The best part about this water bottle is that it is completely durable and reusable.


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Body (XL) Towel (P520) from Aquazorb

Every Aquazorb towel is designed to be compact, lightweight, and can absorb as much as five times its weight! Plus, it dries up really quickly, which means you don’t have to wait too long before placing it back into your luggage for that next flight.




Power Strip (P299.75)

Now, this is one gadget you probably didn’t think of stashing in your luggage. But you’ll pat yourself on the back when you’re able to recharge all your gadgets in one go. Imagine not having to take up every available socket at the hostel, or even letting other travelers at the airport share a spot on your strip. Now, who wouldn’t want to be a genius, a sweetheart, and a hero?


Available at Handyman



Tactics Zip Dry Bag 10L (P750) from Tactics Water Gear

With the ever-changing weather, this dry bag really comes in handy when you’re on the road. It can keep your money, gadgets, and clothes dry and protected from dust, dirt, and sand. This bag can even withstand an accidental dunking in the water because it floats!




World Traveller 3-Dial Cable Lock (P590) from The Travel Club

A lock in hand would always prove to be useful from securing your bag for transit or the locker at the hostel or train station. While we try to look at the world as a good place—why else are we traveling—it’s always better to be safe than sorry. With its cable, this lock is more flexible in securing more bulky items.


Universal Adapter (P180 to P268)

The universal adapter is a must for anyone who can't live without gadgets. Pick the one with four different types of adaptors—U.S., AUS, U.K., and Europe—and you’ll be pretty much compatible with every electrical system on the planet.


Available in hardware stores




Flight 001 Molded Eye Mask (P873) from The Travel Club

When you’re constantly changing time zones, you’ll try to catch as much zzzs whenever and wherever you can. And if you’re one who needs total darkness just to be able to sleep, then an eye mask is certainly a must have. Plus, it's a huge sign that says “Someone’s trying to sleep here. Please tone down your voice.”



Sienna Toiletry Bag (P425) from Beabi

Keep the potential mess contained in a pouch. It does happen—a shampoo cap twists open or a bit of toothpaste gets squeezed out of the tube. Protect the rest of your things from a possible staining by stashing all your toiletries inside one bag. 




urBeats Earphones (P3,990) from Beats by Dr. Dre

This urBeats earphones are practically indestructible—from its solid metal housing to its tangle-free cords, it’s much of a road warrior as you are. Besides, nothing says “Go away! I don’t want to talk!” as much as a pair of earphones plugged into your ears. We all have those moments on the road when we just want to be by ourselves and not engage in conversations with anyone. It's a great way to pass the time during layovers and flight delays, too.  


Available at Lazada


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