7 Signs Retail Therapy Works For You

It really does, honest!

(SPOT.ph) Say you had a really stressful workday chasing one deadline after another. What would you do to make yourself feel better at the end of the day? Some of us would resort to binge eating or drinking, but that’s an excellent way to ruin the figure you worked so hard for (especially since it’s summer all year round in the Philippines!). Which leads to the more guilt-free alternative: binge shopping, in which the emotional roller coaster below ensues:

1. The absolute thrill you get at the thought of doing major damage to your wallet at the mall, cracking jokes, while shopping with your friends (nothing but good times when you’re shopping with someone as funny as you are!) and the need to seek your shopping buddies’ approval on everything you buy. Although in the end, you ignore everything your friends say and just go with the stuff that makes YOU happy.

2. That amazing feeling when you find something gorgeous on sale.

3. The excitement you get while trying out all those clothes that look so good on the hanger, and finally finding something that fits you like a glove.

4. It’s just as insane when it comes to online shopping, where someone can outbid you in the blink of an eye. But that feeling you get when you nab that item you’ve been eyeing? Priceless.

5. You still make the purchase (whatever it is), as shopping’s your only sinful indulgence (remember, you could’ve turned out so much worse), all the while, maintaining a poker face while your items go through the cash register and you’re bursting with excitement inside.

6. When it’s time to pay up, you realize just how much (or how little) money you have left, so you feel ridiculously happy yet a little guilty about your shopping spree.

7. But then you remember this nugget of wisdom and you know, deep inside: shopping is LOVE.

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