7 Tech Things We All Experienced Back in the Day

That dial-up tone was EVERYTHING.

Do you remember when flip phones were all the rage? How about all the times you blew on a cartridge, wholeheartedly believing this was the only way to continue playing your favorite video game? Just how hard did you use to beg your older siblings just to get a few precious minutes of the dial-up internet?

Technology has changed so much the last couple of decades, and it’s been amazing living through it all. To remind us of just how far we’ve come, we decided to dig deep and think back to those dark days prior to the smartphone age. Here are some tech experiences you definitely remember all too well:

Owning a beeper despite not needing it.
In the era before texting and instant messaging, getting a secret code on your pager was about the most awesome thing ever.

Storing your stuff on floppy disks.
Fun fact: most kids these days have no idea why the save icon looks like that!

Borrowing a VHS or Betamax tape from the video rental store.
It was always so annoying when the person who had it before you forgot to rewind it!

Rocking out with your portable CD or cassette player.
You even burned all your favorite tracks on a single CD so you could just play it on loop!

Being in awe over your parent’s mobile phone.
It was as big as a brick, about as heavy as one, had a gigantic antenna, and was practically indestructible. And you wanted it SO BAD.

Treating your own cell phone like it was the holy grail.
You even spent countless hours customizing (read: composing!) your own ringtones, creating pixel art, and jealously guarding the high scores on the built-in games.

Hearing that distinctive dial-up internet tone.
And you kept your fingers crossed that no one called you while you were trying to surf the web.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with PLDT Home Fibr.
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