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The Perfect Nail Salon for Every Budget

Here are the digits for your digits!

At least once a month, you should treat yourself to a mani-pedi just because you deserve to feel pampered even just for an hour. So if you plan on getting your nails done, we've rounded up the best places for the times when you're on a budget and when you're ready to splurge.


Full-Service Salons

You can have your haircut and color while getting your nails done in these full-service salons.



Mary Pauline Salon

Manicure: P100

Pedicure: P150

Gel polish: P450

Why you should visit: Have you seen the rates? You can pamper yourself even on petsa de peligro days!


Mary Pauline Salon has branches at Novaliches, Quezon City, Pasong Tamo, Makati City, and Star Mall, Las Piñas City.



David’s Salon

Manicure: P175

Pedicure: P210

Nail Art: additional P150

Gel Polish: P250

Why you should visit: If you’re a nail art fan, their service rate here is a steal! 


See a list of David's Salon branches.



Reyes Haircutters

Manicure: P120

Manicure with treatment: P300 to P550 

Pedicure: P120

Pedicure with treatment: P300 to P550

Why you should visit: It's a neighborhood salon you can find almost everywhere—they've got 111 branches nationwide.


See a list of Reyes Haircutters branches.



Status Hair Salon

Manicure: P170

Pedicure: P200

Pedicure with treatment: P450

Gel manicure:  P650

Gel pedicure: P750

Why you should visit: You're guaranteed to have impeccably painted digits even at an affordable rate.



See a list of Status Hair Salon branches.



Nail Salons

When you want to focus on your digits, nail salons are the way to go.



Posh Nails

Manicure: P150

Manicure with treatment: P240 to P400

Pedicure: P215

Pedicure with treatment: P460 to P750

Gel Manicure: P700

Gel Pedicure: P800

Why you should visit: Celebs flock here to have their digits painted and pampered.


See a list of Posh Nails branches.



I Do Nails

Manicure: P250 to P400

Manicure with treatment: P240 to P400

Pedicure: P215

Pedicure with treatment: P460 to P750

Gel manicure: P700 to P750

Gel pedicure: P750 to 800

Why you should visit: They’re always stocked with the latest shades from premium nail polish brands, and their skilled technicians can take care of your digits pretty well.


See a list of I Do Nails branches.



Beauty and Butter

Manicure: P230

Manicure with treatment: P350 to P500

Pedicure: P260

Pedicure with treatment: P550 to P700

Gel manicure: P700

Gel pedicure: P900

Why you should visit: They are famous for their well-skilled nail technicians who know everything about manis and pedis. You can also bring your nail art peg and show it to your manikurista.


See a list of Beauty and Butter branches.



Dashing Diva

Manicure: P350

Manicure with treatment: P450 to P800

Pedicure: P450

Pedicure with treatment: P700 to P1,000

Gel manicure: P650

Gel pedicure: P850

Why you should visit: You can have a mani and pedi after shopping for makeup—it’s the ultimate beauty girl experience!



See a list of Dashing Diva branches.




Manicure: P190

Manicure with treatment: P330

Pedicure:  P230

Pedicure with treatment: P510

Gel manicure: P850

Gel pedicure: P950

Why you should visit: Their sea-themed interiors will relax you and take your mind off stress.


See a list of Nailaholics branches.



French Tips Nail Parlour

Manicure: P185

Manicure with treatment: P350

Pedicure: P220

Pedicure with treatment: P450

Gel manicure: P920

Gel pedicure: P990

Why you should visit: You'll feel like a princess once you enter their salon because of their classy, French-inspired interiors. 


See a list of French Tips Nail Parlour branches.



Nail Tropics

Manicure: P185 to P280

Manicure with treatment: P370

Pedicure: P200

Pedicure with treatment: P540

Gel manicure:  P650

Gel pedicure: P680

Why you should visit: The salon's serene, beach-inspired ambience will help you forget that you're in the city.


See a list of Nail Tropics branches.



Manos Nail Lounge

Manicure: P200

Manicure with treatment: P390

Pedicure: P260

Pedicure with treatment: P460

Gel manicure or pedicure: P490 to P590, depending on the number of nail polish shades used

Why you should visit: It's the best place to wait for rush hour traffic to die down in BGC. 


See a list of Manos Nail Lounge branches.



Nail Spa

Manicure: P250 to P720, depending on the nail lacquer brands used

Manicure with treatment:  P500 to P1,200

Pedicure: P350 to P1,280, depending on the nail lacquer brands used


Pedicure with treatment: P950 to P1,700

Gel manicure or pedicure:  Add P310 to P530, depending on the brand

Why you should visit: They’ve got designer and hard-to-find nail polish brands like Louboutin that are enough to make you feel like an A-lister for a day.


See a list of Nail Spa branches.


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