10 Nifty Things to Help Organize Your Everyday Bag

Start tidying up a la "Marie Kondo" with your bag.

(SPOT.ph) When you live a fast-paced life in the city, you can’t go anywhere without your everyday bag. With everything from work supplies to beauty essentials in it, it’s basically your home away from home. So just like your home, you need to treat it with love and respect (a.k.a keep it clean and tidy). Here are 10 things to help you keep your bag organized.

Monogrammed Cord Ties (P109) from Punch Crafts

Keep your chargers and earphones tangle-free with these cord ties from Punch Crafts. They’re monogrammed, so grab a pair with your initials on them and you’ll never get your cables mixed up with anyone else’s ever again. Plus, they stay clipped on even when your cords aren’t stored in your bag so you won't lose them!

Handled Pouch (P350) from Trunk Show


Beauty addicts know the struggle of travelling with makeup essentials very well. Keep your products safe in this pouch from Trunk Show. Its wide opening will have all your makeup already laid out in front of you when you open it so you won't have to dig through to find what you need. It even comes with little inserts to hold your brushes in place—how cool is that?

Barcelona Bag Organizer (P345) from Beabi


If you’re not looking for anything too specific, this versatile, no-nonsense bag organizer from Beabi is a good place to start. Its various compartments will ensure that all your things have a place and it’ll keep all your essentials, whatever they may be—orderly and upright. Plus, if you’re one of those people who frequently changes their bags, you can easily just pull this out, stick it into another one and you’re good to go.

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Take Charge Laptop Cover (P999/13 inch; P1,399/15 inch) from Typo


Don't let your laptop get scratched by all the other things in your bag. This laptop sleeve from Typo comes in a bunch of cute colors and patterns. Its padded lining will keep your laptop safe from scratches and dents. Plus, it has its own little pockets and zippers so you can keep your pens and notepads in it.

Wyatt Case (P1,150) from Mavyn


Prevent your small essentials (be it mints, contact lenses, emergency medicine, or whatever else you might have) from getting messy by keeping them in this case from Mavyn. It’s see-through, so you can always check if you have everything you need. The ultra-thin shape will slip right into any bag like an envelope.

Sidlan Pen Holder (P400) from Alunsina

PHOTO BY Common Room

You never know when you might need to write something down, so make sure to keep a few pens in your bag. Store them in a holder like this leather one from Alunsina. The functional design keeps your supplies nice and snug without covering them up, so you’ll know right away if one is missing. It even comes with an elastic band that you can use to clip the holder onto your notebook for maximum convenience.

Urban Pro Organizer (P1,195) from Filed


This organizer from Filed will have all your work essentials in one place—it’ll hold your laptop, papers, pens, wires, and more. This is especially great to have if you tend to move around a lot—just pull it out of your bag in whatever classroom, office, coffee shop, or coworking space you end up in and you’ve got your own handheld, on-the-go work desk.

Flat Card Wallet (P300) from Izzo Shop

PHOTO BY Izzo Shop

One easy way to save space in your bag is by discarding unnecessary things you might be carrying around. Trade in that bulky, junk-filled wallet for this one from Izzo Shop. It’s super compact but can still hold your cash, cards, and coins—no more having to bring three different pouches to carry them all. Whether your bag is a tiny purse or a big duffel bag, this’ll be the easiest thing to slip in.


Cheena Case (P1,800) from The Tannery

If you carry around a lot of stray paper—cards, to-do lists, receipts, tickets, stubs, you name it—you’ll love this little leather envelope from The Tannery. It’ll keep your papers organized and unwrinkled even after days in your crowded bag. The classic leather design makes it a great gift option to your most disorganized BFF.

Gadget Case (P220) from Trunk Show

PHOTO BY Trunk Show

Those of you who are techies probably carry a lot of little gadgets or fragile items—power banks, flash drives, compact cameras, and the like. Keep them safe and tidy in this case from Trunk Show. It’ll prevent your devices from getting wet, scratched, or easily damaged, and you’ll have them all in one place so you can pack them and take them anywhere in a flash.

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