10 Cool Must-Haves for Book Lovers

Besides actual books.

(SPOT.ph) With all the book sales happening around the Metro, it looks like bookworms are having an early Christmas. Since you’re all stocked up on new reads (for now at least), we rounded up some things to make them even more worthwhile. Here are 10 fun and nifty items for every book lover out there.

The Really Tiny Book Light (P525) from IF


Any true-blue bibliophile would never let anything stop them from flipping through a new read, be it a busy schedule, drowsiness, or even dim lighting. Save your eyes with this little reading light from IF. It’s tiny enough to keep in your bag so you can use it anytime and anywhere—you never know when you might be able to squeeze in some reading time, right?

Dreamcatcher Bookmark (P119) from Kim Creates

PHOTO BY Kim Creates

Show your books some extra TLC by not dog-earring the pages—or worse, folding them in half (*faints*). But in all seriousness, casual readers would love this dreamcatcher bookmark from Kim Creates—if you like posting your current reads on IG, this’ll make your photos even cuter!

Poetry Magnets (P639) from Poetry Magnets PH

Poetry lovers, make your own quirky little poems (and display them in your home) with these fun magnets from Poetry Magnets PH. You can pick out random words and arrange them into inspiring or silly little quotes just like the ones in your favorite books.

Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds (P5,995) from Plantronics

PHOTO BY Plantronics
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These days, you’ll find people reading all over the city (on the train, in a coffee shop, at a nearby park). Unfortunately, not all areas are optimal for reading, but these noise-cancelling headphones from Plantronics will help you out—play your favorite songs and tune out the rest of the world so you can dig into your latest read no matter where you are.

Device Stand (P150/3 inch; P200/4.75 inch; P350/7 inch; P400/8 inch) from Sustainably Made

PHOTO BY Common Room

If you’re the type of reader who prefers to stock up on eBooks instead of traditional bound copies, make your reading experience better with this device stand from Sustainably Made. They’ve got a bunch of sizes so you can pick the right one that’ll fit your phone or tablet. Plus, the elegant mahogany design will look good anywhere you put it. 

Sticker Packs (P139) from Fandom Feels PH


We’re totally swooning over these Peter Kavinsky stickers from Fandom Feels PH and we know hardcore fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before will, too. They make tons of other stickers and merch inspired by popular literature and pop-culture favorites like Harry Potter, Marvel characters, and Star Wars. Geeks will love browsing through their catalog!

Classic Lettergram (P1,500) from Lettergram PH

PHOTO BY Lettergram PH

This cool board from Lettergram PH comes with a bunch of letters that you can arrange into fun quotes and memorable lines from your favorite books; stick it up on your wall or display it on your desk. Best part is that you can constantly change up whatever you put on the board (because we know you’ll always be finding more great quotes when you start on new reads).

Marauder’s Map Notebook (P1,580) from Moleskine

PHOTO BY Moleskine

Moleskine makes tons of themed notebooks inspired by popular books like Peter Pan, The Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland, the Peanuts comics, and more. We’ve currently got our eyes on this Harry Potter-themed one that’s made to look like the Marauder’s Map—fans of the books and movies will immediately recognize it.

Eyeglass Holder (P159) from Papemelroti

PHOTO BY Papemelroti

Yes, eyeglass holders are a thing. If you’ve got reading glasses that you keep on your desk, hang them on this adorable little stand from Papemelroti—you can finally stop misplacing them now.

Gimble Adjustable Book Holder (P525) from IF


Believe it or not, this slim little device from IF will hold your books up for you. No need to carry bulky book stands if you’re heading to a café to study or to take notes as you skim through your current read. It's a multitasker's dream! 

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