10 Amazing Local Makers That Deserve Your Instagram Follow

From jewelry to plants, these makers take their craft seriously.

(SPOT.ph) Artisans and craftsmen spend years learning their trade and with the changing landscape, they adapt not only to meet demand, but to get their work out there in an accessible way. With social media making it easier to reach an audience, these makers are taking to the online world to showcase their wares.

These days, practically anything is fast and easy with just one click, but owning something handmade and proudly local holds its own kind of charm. 

Here are 10 local makers on Instagram to keep an eye on:

Alunsina Handbound Books (@alunsinahandboundbooks)


Having a handy notebook you can take with you on the go is an essential. Whether it's for notes, schedules, to-do lists, or just random scribbles, a good notebook does wonders in keeping all your ideas in place. Local brand Alunsina believes that the journal is sacred and it's only right to treat it with reverence. Each hand-bound, hand-stitched, and hand-assembled piece from makers Nadja Castillo and Enan Juniosa is unique and boasts of top-notch craftsmanship honed over the years. From buckles to debossed leather, every notebook has its own character.

Gawa ni Femi (@gawanifemi)

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Potted plants are relatively easy to keep and while they're the highlight, it wouldn't hurt to put them in a pot that looks just as vibrant. Femi Cachola handpaints ceramic pots with a different theme per collection. She doesn't take requests and orders, lending absolute uniqueness to every piece. Batches run small and she never repeats a design so there's no two people in the world with the same painted pot!

Istorya Creations (@istoryaph)


With the brand name and Instagram username coming from the Filipino translation of the word "story", maker Joanna Gutierrez imbues every piece with meaning to reflect stories that are distinctly Filipino. Each piece is stamped and assembled by hand, and as a result, distinctive. Much like the diverse stories of each client, no two customized pieces are exactly alike.

Hands Love Papers (@handslovepapers)


Most of us grew up using paper as the canvas for our art, but for papercut enthusiast Ebony Paguia, paper is the medium itself. Each piece is beautiful when viewed from afar but taking a close look really shows how meticulously these were created. She uses a variety of tools to create papercut art that features anything under the sun—from flowers to complicated scenery and even intricate calligraphy, there isn't anything she can't do with paper.

Blue Flame Jewelry (@blueflamejewelry)


Dealing with metals and precious stones, metalsmith Janette De Veyra of Blue Flame Jewelry showcases handmade accessories that can add a quirky touch to any look. Each piece is carefully melded and sanded to highlight the materials and craftsmanship. Although designs repeat, no two pieces are completely the same. Interested folks can also order custom-made pieces.

Makrama Wall Hanging (@makramawallhanging)


Learning how to tie knots is a valuable life skill. From outdoor emergencies to makeshift links, it can get you out of a tough spot. But for Kim Chua Tendido of Makrama Wall Hanging, the art of tying knots is a pretty sight to behold on your wall. Each hand-tied piece is made to order, bound to be a conversation starter once its hung up.

Shop Nyuki (@shopnyuki)


What started as a hobby during her first pregnancy ended up becoming a full-time micro-business for maker Nike Nadal of Shop Nyuki. Her crocheted jewelry pieces are not only a form of expression, but a means to give you fun options for elevating any outfit. Each piece plays with textures and shapes, and she jazzes up the usual jewelry with the unique addition of crochet. Be it one of her snazzy earrings or bold necklaces, each piece is a showstopper.

Woja Ignacio Designs (@wojaignaciodesigns)


While ready-made minimalist furniture and fixtures are more accessible, getting and using a piece tailormade to fit a space only feels right. Joshua Ignacio customizes each wooden piece to be functional but not stiff or boring, all the while lending character to the wood he uses. Though wood often takes centerstage in his work, he doesn't shy away from concrete and metal products.

Saan Saan PH (@saansaanph)


Lighting a candle is an instant boost for those days when you just want to plop down and relax, preferrably with a comforting scent wafting about. Saan Saan PH is a local brand that carries handmade soy candles with eccentric names that are just as vibrant as their fragrances. A fun mix of nostalgic and witty, these hand-mixed and hand-poured candles from maker Mark Zavalla can instantly give your spirits a lift.

Studio Habil (@studiohabil)


We associate moss with rainy days, but that doesn't mean you can't turn the green guest into something beautiful. Studio Habil transforms moss into complex installations for the home or events that demand a fixture that people can't help but talk about. Aside from making everything by hand, Studio Habil founder Marvz Conti also passes on the art of manipulating moss to interested individuals through their workshops.

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