8 Things That Happen When You Do Your Christmas Shopping Early

Because no one likes rush shopping the night before Christmas.


(SPOT.ph) Good things happen when you start going through your Christmas shopping list early—for the most part. Here are some of the things you can expect when you do your holiday shopping in advance:

For starters, you get first dibs on amazing deals and discounts.

You also get to park and walk around the mall in peace. Walang tulakan o siksikan!

You get to keep your finances in check since you’re not in a rush to buy everything in one go. By budgeting your expenses, you can schedule all your charged payments. And with special promos such as BPI's Merry Now, Pay 3 Months Later, you can do your Christmas shopping now and pay for your expenses once you have your salary bonus. 

Everything is still in stock, which means you don't have to settle for less. You can even get yourself a present or two for being an early bird. Maybe even reward yourself with a free snack, since shopping using your BPI Credit Card as early as now can reward you with free Jollibee treats.  

It's also much easier to book a ride or hail a cab, so there's no need to brave the train or bus with all of your shoppables. 

You promised yourself that you'll spend time wrapping your presents this year, and you have more than enough time to pull it off.

You'll also have enough time to do another round of shopping in the event that you end up forgetting someone from your list. 

Your E.Q. probably won't be able to handle it, so you'll end up giving these presents away in advance. All the same, Merry Christmas!

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to give back to the people who matter most to you. And with BPI Credit Cards’ Season of Surprises, you can feel the joy of giving—as well as receiving—with exclusive deals that can give you the best value for your money.

Between now and December 25, there will be a series of promos catered to BPI Credit Cardholders, so visit their website to keep abreast with what's new.


Do your shopping early to enjoy great promos every week leading up to Christmas and make the most out of your BPI Credit Cards. Follow BPI on Facebook and click here to learn more about BPI Cards' Season of Surprises.  

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