10 Essentials for a Productive Work-From-Home Setup

Plus, some handy tips to keep you sane!


(SPOT.ph) Whether you’re working from home for just the time being or you’re experienced setting up an office in your humble abode, you know by now that going through the daily grind from your own home is no easy task. To help you overcome the challenges of remote work, we round up 10 handy supplies to make your space extra conducive to working as well as to keep you comfortable, productive, and motivated. We also let you in on some tips and tricks as well as some simple alternatives in case you don’t already own these items.

Check out these 10 useful items to help you work from home:

Laptop Stand

Multifunctional Laptop Table with Mouse Pad (P699) from The Ergonomist
PHOTO BY Kimstore

Here’s a pro tip for all seasons: don’t slouch! We know the constant need to stay upright feels tedious, but trust us, sitting up straight will give you more energy to work and brighten up your mood. In the long run, it’ll also help prevent that chronic, dreaded, millennial epidemic known as back pain. Try a laptop stand to keep your computer situated up high and draw your body upwards while you work. If you don’t have one at home, use anything from a sturdy stack of books to rims of unused paper to keep your laptop at eye-level and prevent you from hunching over.

Available online.

Mini Fan

Portable Fan (P399) from Miniso

Some people put their blood, sweat, and tears into their work, but we don’t suggest taking that expression literally—nobody wants to be working drenched in sweat. Keep your work-from-home space comfortable with a handy little fan—perfect if you don’t have a big one at home or you can’t afford to keep your air conditioning running for hours. At the very least, keep a hand fan or even makeshift pamaypay nearby should the heat get a little too much for you.

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Noise-Canceling Headphones

Tune 600BTNC (P5,499) from JBL

Going crazy trying to get work done with your family or roommates in such close proximity 24/7? Tune out the rest of the world with a handy pair of noise-canceling headphones. If you don’t own them, an alternative would be to blast your regular earphones up to full volume and play your fave chill tunes or even podcasts.

See a list of JBL retailers.

Back Support

Posture Plus (P3,290) from BackJoy

Keeping your posture upright will not only be more comfortable, but it will help you concentrate better and not impair your body's circulation. Straighten your spine with a handy back support. We also recommend taking some time every few minutes to get up and stretch your muscles. Pace around a bit, too, for good measure to keep your blood cells flowing and your mind alert.

See a list of BackJoy stores and retailers.

Extension Cord

Smart Extension Cord (P1,800) from Cherry Home
PHOTO BY True Value

If you’ve only got one or two electrical sockets near your desk, an extension cord will save your life and keep all your wires organized. That way, your gadgets will always be charged, within reach, and ready for anything.

Available at True Value; see a list of branches.


Classic Insulated Tumbler (P1,950/20 oz; P2,250/32 oz) from Klean Kanteen
PHOTO BY Klean Kanteen

Drinking water throughout the day is a no-brainer, but you can make the task even easier with a handy tumbler. Opt for a bottle that’s vacuum-insulated to avoid any moisture forming outside (so there’s no need for a coaster!) and to keep it cold all day so you’re always refreshed. Any bottle you have at home will do, but the point is: stay hydrated! Plus, having the proper water intake will keep you from over-snacking—we know you’ve been guilty of this at least once.

Available at Certified Calm; see a list of branches.

Desk Organizer

Office File Storage Box (P541) from Banfang
PHOTO BY Banfang

Keep your desk decluttered with an organizer to hold loose items like paper, pens, and other supplies. Even just singling out a drawer you already have or keeping your supplies restricted to one area of your space would be enough to help keep you from feeling claustrophobic in your home office setup.


Available online.


Undated 2020 Planner (P220 each) from Print Cafe
PHOTO BY Print Cafe

Staring at a screen all day may start driving you crazy, so why not try organizing your tasks and reminders in a journal instead? If you already have your go-to 2020 planner, then great, but don’t worry because any notebook will do. You can rely on desk pads or sticky notes, too.

Available at National Book Store; see a list of branches.

Desk Light

Metal Table Lamp (€89 or USD $95; roughly P4,862) from Habitat
PHOTO BY Habitat

If you’re dealing with a flood of paperwork or taking down notes often, keep your eyes from getting strained with a handy desk light—especially helpful if you prefer to work at night. You can also try working by a window while the sun’s out—the exposure to natural light will brighten up both your space and your mood.

Available online.

Colored Pens

Gel Ink Pens (P65 each) from MUJI

Having to work at home all day may not leave you a lot of time to practice creative activities like drawing, so taking a second to squeeze in a doodle or two while you jot down your tasks would be a good outlet to prevent cabin fever. Use colored pens to make it even more fun, but whatever writing tools you have would be just fine. 

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