10 Online Stores to Get You Started on Herb Gardening

For your own supply of fresh produce!

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(SPOT.ph) Months into quarantine, most have us looked into skills and hobbies we never thought we’d get into: baking, making bead bracelets, embroidery...the list goes on. There are others who have gotten into herb or vegetable gardening to easily have fresh ingredients right when they need it. If you’re looking to add fresh produce to your homecooked meals, there are a number of online stores where you can order plant kits and accessories perfect for beginners.


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Here's where you can order plant kits for delivery:

MNL Grow Kits

PHOTO BY Facebook/MNLGrowKits

MNL Grow Kits, according to their website, is the "first to offer organic plant kits in the Philippines" as part of their mission for a greener Manila. Their basic kits (from P99 to P180) include a coconut husk pot, a plant marker, a packet of seeds, a short guide, and one pack of organic fertilizer. You also get one pack of organic potting mix, which has the right composition of sand, coconut coir dust, and soil to get you started on your planting journey. They have seeds for basil, chives, cilantro, hot pepper, zinia, parsley, eggplant, tomatoes, and more. You can also order all-in boxes (P649), such as the Pizza Garden Kit (tomato, basil, hot pepper, and arugula); Herb Garden Kit (basil, cilantro, chives, and hot pepper); and Salsa Garden Kit (tomato, basil, hot pepper, and cilantro). Deliveries are limited; you can book your own courier to pick up your order from their warehouse in Valenzuela City. 


To order, visit MNL Grow Kits’ website.

Cultivar PH

PHOTO BY Facebook/CultivarPH

Cultivar PH also uses coconut husk pots, which you can directly put in a bigger pot when transplanting. They have plant kits for tomato, basil, and green chili (a.k.a. siling haba). Each order (P60) includes one pot, one pack of seeds, soil, and a small stick you can use to label your new plant. You can book your own delivery service from Circulo Verde in Quezon City when your order is ready for pick up.


To order, message Cultivar PH on Facebook.

Qubo PH

PHOTO BY Facebook/QuboPH

Qubo PH goes with the tagline "plant out of the box." Each box they sell includes an instruction manual, a potting mix, a small bottle of organic fertilizer, a small bottle of seeds, a coconut pot, pebbles, and a labeling stick. They recommend pouring in the packet of pebbles into the bottom of the pot before putting in some soil. Each Qubo PH kit costs P200, and you can choose from available seeds like arugula, fennel, chives, basil, and marjoram, as well as oregano, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, sage, and thyme. 


To order, visit Qubo PH’s website.

Harden de Boro

PHOTO BY Facebook/Hardin de Boro

If you need extra pots for your herbs, Harden de Boro sells pots made from woven pandan leaves—making each pandan pot biodegradable, organic, and eco-friendly. Raw materials come from pandan trees grown in Luisiana, Laguna. Harden de Boro has distributors in Metro Manila and different parts of the Philippines like Eastern Samar and Iloilo. 


To order, message Harden de Boro on Facebook. 

Homegrown Organics 

PHOTO BY Facebook/Homegrown Organics

If you want to skip growing from the seed (and the anxiety of not knowing whether sprouts will ever come out), you can order small grown plants from Homegrown Organics and start from there. They sell sweet basil (P65), mint (P65), red pepper (P170), tomato (P145), Thai basil (P70), and fruiting calamansi plant (P375). You can also get a sack of garden soil (P90/four kilos) if you plan on transplanting your seedlings to a bigger pot or direct to your garden. 'Pro tip: Homegrown Organics sells fresh fruits and vegetables, too! 


To order, visit Homegrown Organics’ website.

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Plant Culture PH 

PHOTO BY Facebook/Plant Culture PH

Plant Culture PH has a store and showroom in BF Homes Parañaque, but you can just order your plant needs through their Shopee and Lazada pages so you don't have to head out. They sell seed packets, potting mix, and other plant supplies from brands like Masitera, Condor, Siam, Bayer, and more.  


To order, message Plant Culture on Facebook.  

Green Growers PH 

PHOTO BY Facebook/GreenGrowersPH

Green Growers PH distributes plant supplies such as Masitera rooting powder and Siam rooting hormones through their Shopee page. They sell their own four-inch ceramic pots with gloss finish (P150), corrugated plastic pots (P60), and round plastic pots with weave design (P25). 


To order, message Green Growers on Facebook. 

Plant City Gardening Supplies

PHOTO BY Facebook/Plant City Gardening Supplies

Based in Cavite, Plant City Gardening Supplies delivers everything you need for your urban garden, even a customized plant rack where you can put your small pots of herbs and vegetables. They also sell plastic pots perfect for your window sill and seeds to complete your collection. 


To order, message Plant City Gardening Supplies on Facebook

Urban Green Thumbs 

PHOTO BY Facebook/Urban Green Thumbs

You may think there's no chance you can grow your own strawberries considering the temperature we have in Metro Manila, but Urban Green Thumbs is selling the Japanese shoga variety. This kind of strawberry is known to thrive in the lowlands and are tolerant to heat. They also sell mulberry and grape seedlings, which you can grow in your backyard. For herbs and spices, they have basil, celery, parsley, dill, thyme, tarragon, lagundi, oregano, rosemary, and lavender. Urban Green Thumbs also carry peppermint, choco mint, java mint, and lemon mint. Their shop is located in Quezon City and they ship within Metro Manila and nearby areas. 


To order, message Urban Green Thumbs on Facebook. 

Greenhouse Garden 

PHOTO BY Facebook/Greenhouse Garden

Taguig-based Greenhouse Garden just started selling seedlings in June. They have a limited stock of rosemary plants (P150) and sweet basil plants (P150) but if you want indoor plants that repel mosquitos and/or provide a fresh smell in your house, you can get their yellow bottle brush plant (P350) and malvarosa plant (P250). Ordering is as easy as sending them a message on Facebook and Instagram. 


To order, message Greenhouse Garden on Facebook.

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