10 Cute Pots for Making Your Plants Even More IG-Worthy

Looking for #aesthetic planters?

Cute Pots for Home Decor
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(SPOT.ph) If your coping mechanism is giving your space a makeover and adding #aesthetic finds here and there to give you some semblance of control over your life, then you're not alone. In case you have some plants that need some repotting or if you simply want to add more cute stuff to your space, we round up some cute pots and planters that'll make your room a bit more IG-worthy.

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Check out these picture-perfect pots for your plant babies:

Nicole (P550/each) from Nest Plant Studio

Nicole from Nest Plant Studio
PHOTO BY nest plant studio

Looking for sophisticated planters? These pots from Nest Plant Studio feature beautiful line art illustration that's embossed, giving it more personality. They come in elegant colors like cream, tan, gray, and black.

Available online.

Hand-Painted Cement Planter Pots (P499/set of three) from Lush and Pots

Hand-Painted Cement Planter Pots from Lush and Pots
PHOTO BY lush and pots

If you're a plantita and a cat person, then you'll want to get your hands on these purr-ty hand-painted cement planters from Lush and Pots. They come in designs inspired by your feline BFF—too cute for words!

Available online.

5x5 Terracotta Pot (P350) from A Nini Pots

5x5 Terracotta Pot from A Nini Pots
PHOTO BY a nini pots
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How adorable is this pink pot from A Nini Pots? This pretty pink hand-painted pot will make your plants look IG-worthy from every angle. Heck, it looks good enough on its own that even non-plant parents will want to score this piece!

Available online.

Boobie Planters (P395/each) from Frost

Boobie Planters from Frost
PHOTO BY frost

If you're into risque home decor, then these minimalist boobie pots from Frost will fit right into your space. They come in a variety of skin tones that'll make your leafy plants stand out!

Available online.

Hand-Painted Pots (starts at P300) from Pepper's Picks

Hand-Painted Pots from Pepper's Picks
PHOTO BY pepper's picks

Love all things pastel? Then you wouldn't be able to resist these soft-hued hand-painted pots from Pepper's Picks. Take your pick from pastel polka dots against a white background, a pastel rainbow pot, or a mix of both! These cute planters will fit right into your Instagram feed.

Available online

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Kyra (P180) from Foxy Pots

Kyra from Foxy Pots
PHOTO BY foxy pots

Add a touch of boho to your space with this tiny planter from Foxy Pots. It features earth-toned yarn accents and embellished with a sun charm. It's perfect for your desk or windowsill. Best part? It's only P180!

Available online.

Monopots 8x7 (price available upon request) from Spruce Plants Shop

Monopots 8x7 (price available upon request) from Spruce Plants Shop
PHOTO BY spruce plants shop

If your style is more classic and minimalist, then these Monopots from Spruce Plants Shop are perfect for your space. These lightweight monochromatic pots all come with matching catch plates and are available in sleek colors like brown, beige, navy, pink, and gray.

Available online.

Safari, Mocha, and Peach Pots (P189/each) from Beton Planter

Safari, Mocha, and Peach Pots from Beton Planter

Can't get enough of artsy pots? These ones from Béton Planters feature line illustrations of faces that make them look like pieces of art. They're plain enough so that your plants still take the spotlight but cool enough to stand on its own as home decor.

Available online.

Ligaya Tiny (P350/each) from Plant Fix MNL

Ligaya Tiny from Plant Fix MNL

These woven pots from Plant Fix MNL will add some local flavor (and lots of color!) to your space. These tiny planters are four inches tall with four-inch base, making it perfect for your desk plants in your home office.

Available online.

Nordic Concrete Geometric Planter Pot (P320 to P600) from Pots for Plants

ordic Concrete Geometric Planter Pot from Pots for Plants
PHOTO BY pots for plants

Got a knack for Nordic-inspired home items? Then these geometric planters from Pots for Plants are right up your alley. They come in three sizes: small, medium, and large, and colors like brown, gray, and white.

Available online.

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