10 Planners for 2021 to Shop If You're Ready for This Year to Be Over

Goodbye and good riddance, 2020!

PHOTO BY Invitation House, Sunnies Studios, FILED ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

(SPOT.ph) It’s a stale joke at this point to say that 2020 pretty much ruined the beloved daily routine of jotting down tasks, appointments, and notes in a planner—we bet you still look at your empty journal with dejection and trust us, we’re right there with you. However, there’s nothing wrong in being optimistic about the oncoming 2021. With more opportunities to travel, shop, and dine out, we’re on your side in hoping that next year will be filled with many more memories and adventures compared to this one. 

That being said, it might be time to overcome your 2020 trust issues and take the leap to once again and buy a new planner to help you keep your life together. This time, we think the purchase will be worth it. To help you out, we round up 10 planners for 2021 you can shop now. From minimalist journals to #aesthetic diaries to planners built to improve your mental health, you’re sure to find exactly what you need.


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Here are 10 planners for 2021 you can shop now:

Monthly Weekly Planner (P495) from MUJI


It should come as no surprise that MUJI's 2021 planner is all writing space and clean-cut layouts—no frills, no colors, no bulky exterior. The minimalist journal is as functional as it is stylish thanks to cream-colored monthly and weekly spreads as well as grid-marked pages for notes. Plus, it’s only P495!

Available online; see a list of MUJI branches.

Everyday Planner (P750) from Everyday by Penelope Pop

PHOTO BY Everyday by Penelope Pop
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This slim, leather-bound journal from Everyday by Penelope Pop comes in eight #aesthetic hues including a blush pink, a teal blue, a muted mustard, and more. It’s undated, so you can start using it any time you please. Aside from weekly layouts, the planner also has project, goal, and budget trackers to help you manage all your #adulting woes. Best part? The pages are heavyweight and bleed-resistant; we know those are deal breakers for many of you stationery lovers out there!

Available online.

2021 Planner (P695) from Design Your Life

PHOTO BY Design Your Life

Design Your Life’s 2021 Planner is jam-packed with colorful spreads that are both pretty and useful including weekly layouts, expense trackers, packing lists, monthly reflections, mental health check-ins, and more. It also features a gorgeous cover decked out in pastel shades of pink and purple as well as some dainty doodles and it even comes with a cute set of stickers!


Available online.

Power Planners (prices start at P550) from Belle De Jour

PHOTO BY Jamie Sanchez

Belle De Jour has an entire lineup of 2021 Power Planners to choose from. Their theme this year—which is embossed onto the cover—is "I Grow With the Earth," which aims to remind us that we are all one with the earth. Each planner has ultra-organized weekly spreads to help you keep track of your tasks and appointments. If you prefer undated or unlined planners, they have those in the collection, too.

Available online and in major bookstores nationwide.

Scribble Journal (P815) from FILED!


FILEDs Scribble Journal will help you plan out your year while keeping track of your mental health. Aside from monthly spreads and to-do lists, it also has tips for calming yourself down, self-reflection questions, wellness reviews, mood trackers, sleep logs, and more. Plus, we love the cutesy, scrapbook-like design, which features sticky note layouts and handwritten fonts.

Available online.

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12 Months Petit Prince Daily (P1,690) from Moleskine

PHOTO BY Moleskine

Moleskine is a name synonymous with journaling, so we’re sure their signature leather-bound notebooks have made it on your wish list at least once amidst your long-winding planner search. We’re currently eyeing the Italian brand’s The Little Prince-inspired planner, which sports the book’s unmistakable cover illustration.

Available online.

2021 Essentials Planner (P390) from Viviamo

PHOTO BY Crazy About Paper

The Viviamo Essentials Planner is a dream-come-true for anyone who needs lots of writing space in their journals and diaries. For each week, you get two full pages of writing space marked with only dots to help organize and space out your notes. You’ll find no lines of partition between days, so you’ll have as much space as you need for each day of the week. This also means you can squeeze doodles and scribbles into every nook and cranny.

Available online.

Sunnies Agenda (P599) from Sunnies Studios

PHOTO BY Sunnies Studios

While it still contains its usually weekly and monthly spreads, this year’s Sunnies Agenda from Sunnies Studios pays tribute to color and design with charts dedicated to basic color theory, #aesthetic color palettes, wardrobe color-matching guides, and more. We can’t take our eyes off the gorgeous color-blocked pattern on the front cover!

Available online.


The In-Betweens Planner (P730) from Where to Next

PHOTO BY Where To Next

Where to Nexts annual planner is often best suited for outdoorsy, adventurous types and we love seeing the rustic, nature-inspired aesthetic they come out with each year. Amidst weekly and monthly spreads, their 2021 planner is littered with stories "from people who are trying to make sense of the in-between moments of their lives," featuring tales and anecdotes from local artists like Bullet Dumas and Issa Barte, among others. A portion of the planner’s proceeds will be used to fund livelihood projects for Aeta communities.

Available online.

Undated Planner (P595) from Invitation House

PHOTO BY Invitation House

Invitation House’s undated planner comes in four chic designs decked out in pastel colors and #aesthetic patterns. Each planner has weekly and monthly spreads, a goal tracker, and pages for notes. We’re especially loving the black planner decorated with colorful blobs!

Available online.

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